First Quarter Moon: challenges, decisions, action.

rose5Yesterday was December 18; 2015.The First Quarter Moon rose at 12:00 pm. It signifies challenges, decisions, and action. Let us start with the first meaning of The First Quarter Moon with a style challenge. After all, it feels like only yesterday that we rang in a new year, and now here we are again in a few weeks. We all get to the end of the year and rant on things that we should quit. Most of the New Year resolutions♦ acquire stopping bad habits. I’m all down for self-improvement, yet this year I thought why not something different. Instead of focusing on the negative let’s flip it into something positive.

style challenge

There are various style challenges. The most popular one are monthly challenges. I tried to keep up with a monthly challenge in the past, and I found myself never completing them. Have you tried them before? If you did and had the same difficulty, let’s stay real to us. Figure out which style challenge is right to use. I came up with an idea how about doing a style challenge now, YES NOW, unless if your reading this blog post at work.



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Since I couldn’t commit to a month, I decided to be realistic. I glared at a rose4mirror and questioned myself, “What is your personal style challenge.” My style challenge today is too distinct me from wearing the usual sterling silver hoop earrings. As I put on the laser cut wood earrings from a recent purchase (Green Tea Jewelry), I envision someone else in the mirror.




I confirm a style challenge; I decided which one would work best for me now all that left to do is TAKE ACTION.

I called my friend Ivonne and as you can see she transform me. What I like about Green Tea Jewelry, you can invest in detailed pieces that are eye-catching without breaking the bank.



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I prefer the laser cut wood earrings because  I understand the method. Laser cutting allows a digital design to be placed on a material and later on it melts, burns or vaporizes and leaves the product with a high-quality finish.


Beautiful pieces made in the USA waiting for you on the website and each one wanting you to overcome your need. So what you’re waiting for go on and if you enter this particular coupon code you will receive free shipping: FASTSHIP15

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  1. lamamahada says:

    Those earrings are beyond amazing! I love how they are wooden. And the overall aesthetic of this shoot is simply stunning. You are stunning! I would love to have you as a model for my spring/summer collection if you’d be down. 🙂

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