3 Designers Showcased in the Fashion Show you should’ve attended for NYFW 2016




Reaching into the closet swaying the hangers back and forth, just to find the “stand-out piece” I only wore once. All in the name of NYFW. Some people view fashion week as one of the most shallow weeks of the year. On the contrary, there are many shows dedicated to giving back to a community. For example, I attended  the Rising Stars of NYFW last year which was curated for the Georgie Badiel Foundation. A percentage of the earnings would go towards helping  Africa by providing clean water. This year I was thrilled to attend SFW (Style Fashion Week)  where proceeds went to The City Kids Foundation.

The City Kids Foundation strives on artistic and intellectual development. Being a creative individual myself I believe it is a great cause, having a center built for the purpose of

city kids


preserving the arts. The arts are evidently the first to be cut from the budget, the last to be restored, and often unavailable for low-income students. But why do we need art classes at all?

Cultivation of  the arts improves the overall performance of students, including the fundamental academic subjects (Math, Science, and Literature). For scholars who took four years of art classes scored 91 points higher on their SAT exams, than those who took half a year or less.

In spite the fact that art education has been considered a bonus, uncomplicated creative activities can be some of the most important building blocks of a child’s development. Learning to create and cherish visual aesthetics is essential  in the progression for every child. The arts will create a foundation for the next generation of children as they move on to a higher level of education.



As I sat down in seat B3-3 waiting for the show to begin, I couldn’t help but think of how the following designers will inspire the next generation through the use of their creativity. The first collection was established by designer Olga Papkovitch. Her fashion line is called POPIMPRESSKA. The line was named after the magazine The Popimpresska Journal, which she founded and owns. The publication embraces all forms of artistry from around the world. Her collection, designed with printed fabrics which resembled a collage from previous covers of her publication, the collection was art itself. 





HOUSEOFPERNAIn reference to the importance of  art cultivation, the second designer, Amanda Perna took a design class in college and fell in love. She later became a  Project Runway contestant and is now showing her collection at SFW. Her  fashion label entitled House of Perna  gave me a sense of watching the television series,  Sex and the City  (every fashion lover’s all-time favorite show). The main character from Sex and the City, Carrie will always be recognized for her fur collection. House of Perna’s models strutted the runway with various fur pieces that would have won  Carrie’s approval.The furs hue matched the rest of the silhouettes in Amanda’s collection. In the middle of February, it was refreshing to see a bright palette. The bright shades highlighted color trends of 2016-2017. The color trends included Ballerina Pink, Cabaret, Amethyst Orchid, and Aqua Splash.




Couture is the finest form of art in the fashion industry. Is a mixture of over the top and fine stitching that allows the models to become walking paintings.  When fashion designer, Nina Gleyzer’s  pieces appeared, the audience was at the edge of their seats. You sense the difference when viewing couture because on numerous occasions they are the exact interpretation of what the designer is inspired by. So when  the inspiration is implemented, it is a more exaggerated form of fashion. The black and white high ponytails were a keen choice that stood out amongst other designers. It aligned perfectly with the  silhouettes of Nina’s clothing line.  Overall in the arts, every teacher will ask you what is your inspiration. This is the process that allows for personal and professional growth. Couture will always be my inspiration.







31 thoughts on “3 Designers Showcased in the Fashion Show you should’ve attended for NYFW 2016

  1. luveashlyn says:

    My dream is to go to NYFW. I live in Toronto so I get to experience Toronto Fashion Week every year, but I feel like NYFW is on another level. Man, the creativity in these pieces is amazing, I love it.

    • sheismelrose says:

      Thanks well if your ever in NY I can see what fashion events are up for the week so you can enjoy it.I always wanted to visit Toronto just to see how it is (I’m obsessed with the singer weeknd he from there )

    • sheismelrose says:

      I’m all about giving back to the community the arts is what keeps us going as creative individuals and I always wished I could sing (who doesn’t lol) I bet being a part of choir was great development growth while still having fun.

  2. Boh xx says:

    Love hearing about the other side to fashion and giving back to their own industry 🙂 Happens all the time, but unfortunately gets lost in the PR. Great post 🙂 The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) is coming up next week – I’m posting on it soon 🙂


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