From New York To Paris, Here Is A Quick Lesson On Reconstruction :A/W 2016


My charcoal jersey maxi dress was brushing the streets of Manhattan. I dusted off the grime when I finally arrived at the Gansevoort in The Meatpacking District. I scoured the long line and looked for my friend (Justine). There she was, and I thanked her right away for inviting me to the Christan Benner fashion show. I explained to her I was excited to see his collection up close and personal since my roommate, Jeffery has been raving about him.(he screamed when he found out I was attending his show.) 

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Jefferey explained to me before the show, Benner’s handmade process for his designs:

  • He will place a t-shirt or a leather jacket in front of him and light it up in flames watch it burn and knows when to stop the process before it burns entirely.
  • Another treatment Benner is known for is the “worn” look.He hangs a new item and throws bricks at them, creating a distressed look and feel
  • A different way he creates the “worn” look process is digging a tee in dirt.He washes after of course.
  • A concept that may raise people eyebrows is painting the appeal with rocks but in fact, a lot of vendors have been doing this process for years. What amazes me is Benner doing it solo.

My friend Justine and Sam (Model) at the Christan Benner Show

IMG_7665I also got a chance to chat with Benner. (thanks to Justine who invited her roommate who was one of the models and me). My friend introduces him to me, and I didn’t want to tell him he reminded me of Jhonny Depp.  I’m sure he gets the comparison often. After the introduction,  I asked the typical question,” what inspired this collection?”Benner told me he always has to have a record playing. Playing music for inspiration makes sense, as many visionaries use this concept.He further went on discussing one of the pieces that stood out to me from the rest; the “fuck your ego” leather jacket he snickered and said oh that was inspired by Kanye West. That was the best comment I heard in any fashion show.

So NYFW is over and I’ve been glued to my laptop checking out Vouge. I was browsing for up and coming inspirational designers like the impact Benner had on me. The short-lived London week was daunting. Milan had various alluring designs yet nothing struck me. Maybe I’m just hard to please but being obsessed with fashion since I was out the womb you see many clothing designs repeating itself throughout the years. Then my eyes glimmer I was struck with cupid’s arrow viewing Simon Porte Jacquemus collection for PFW. Like Benner, Jacquemus designs gives a sense of reconstruction, except in a different direction.


Benner’s concept of designing is a treatment of restoring items. He structures a look that will last for ages. Jacquemus starts his reconstruction from the roots. The thread colors and materials once sewn creates a restoration of his childhood memories. Translating a story that spreads throughout his collection, 7Inside and out his fashion label. The label now seven years old stuck with the theme of being dedicated to his mother, whom passed away (the label is entitled after her maiden name).


Once the models strutted the runway you can see the designers childlike imagination clear as day.  Some may consider it a bit outrageous but honestly, I can stomach the taste of his vision.My favorites were a loose dress a hula hoop shaped skirt.

Overall I believe A/W 2016 concept of reconstruction adapt to our current culture. With all that been going on within politics, television shows and news. We are in a  new era of fighting for what believe in; People are more outspoken, and we are rebelling and standing up. What is your take?



38 thoughts on “From New York To Paris, Here Is A Quick Lesson On Reconstruction :A/W 2016

  1. Karen Grosz says:

    I love blogging because I can read a post by you who is so different than me. My world doesn’t have any of this. I am just trying to raise my family, be a great wife, treat the world with kindness and love. Thanks for sharing your views. Fun to see those fashions even though most days a tshirt with jeans or yoga pants are what get me through. 🙂

  2. Megan Indoe says:

    That’s really interesting how he burns clothes to give the distressed look. I had never heard of that technique before, but I have heard of the others you mentioned. Thanks for sharing, looked like a fun show.

  3. Ana De Jesus says:

    I like your deconstruction of the fashion industry and it is true fashion is cyclical and enters a borrowed phase of fashion from centuries past. Great post x

  4. Alex says:

    I always love looking at new fashion and new designs. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people are! I wish I had that type of talent!

  5. Laura x Loves says:

    Wow, love loved about Benners processes – crazy good! Love the Ego jacket too. Hope you had a blast x

  6. tmcsaunders says:

    I’m always intrigued by what the fashion industry thinks is fashionable; and if I’m honest, I have to say that I’ve never seen anyone actually dress like that in real life. I think that’s one of the reasons I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada–it made sense after that! Thanks for the fresh take!

    • sheismelrose says:

      Luckily I live in New York and people do dress like that I love the freedom people have and their attitude of dressing however they like thanks for stopping by oh and the devil wear Pravda situation is very really you have to love this roller coaster industry to be a part of it

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