Try Something New,Eat At The Best Hidden Restaurant in New York

Parlor - 72As my heels tapped around the concrete sidewalks of Manhattan, I finally arrived at Parlor. A caviar painted door stood before me as I checked my google maps to make sure it was the correct address.According to the red-orange pin, I was at the correct place, 286 Spring St, New York, NY 10013.

Immediately a tall man at the front desk greeted me after I pushed the door open.I told him I made a reservation for three and apologized for being late. (I have been fashionably late in my past few outings, I’m working on that!). The tall man told me a gentleman named Marcus will be with me shortly to show me to my seat. In the meantime, I sat in the lobby area where black and white photography and digital flames dancing inside a glass serenaded me.

flamesThe lights were dim which set a relaxing, mood. A relaxing atmosphere was much needed due to the craziness of the train schedules on the weekends. Then I saw a fresh pair of pearly white teeth and Marcus stood before me telling my friends were waiting at the bar. My friend Nadya (a comic book blogger) and my friend Diana (a fashion blogger) were held up in a conversation with a newly signed music artist. Marcus explained the music artist is interested in becoming a member; The beauty of the restaurant is the people who attend the dinners.Members include people in different positions of the finance, creative and technology industry.If I were to become a member, I would be granted to a restaurant’s own  40 invitation-only networking events.To a blogger, it’s similar to getting unlimited gift boxes for a whole year, music to my ears.

Bloggers &

editorialsAs Marcus sat Nadya, Diana and me, the dining area romanced us.Large fashion editorials decorated on the jet-black walls.Huge bear rugs comforted the floor.Candles stood against perfect napkin folds, and I was pleased by the stunning ambiance.

While waiting for our 4-course meal Nayda and Diana described their blogging success since taking my last webinar, #BloggingBoss. I also gave them a few pointers on how to stay consistent and how to not feel discouraged as newbies.Our conversation came to stop as the first appetizer arrived:


1st Course: Potato Leek Soup

I was unsure about the taste of the soup since I’m not a huge fan of cold soup. After the second spoonful, the taste started to wear on me.The lightly seasoned creamy texture of the potato leek soup made a  great introductory meal.


2nd Course: Prosciutto Salad

A small portion salad with thinly sliced prosciutto paired with fennel and topped with feta cheese.I’m a huge cheese and platter type of gal, and I love how it was incorporated in my 4-course meal no complaints at all.


3rd Course: Wild Alaskan Pollack

I’m extremely choosy on where I eat fish.From the looks of the restaurant, I decided “What the heck” let me give it a try.I did not regret my decision, and I’m not exaggerating when I say, “it was by far one of the most tasteful dishes I experienced in a while.” The moist pollack lied on top of liquefied butternut squash and black garlic sauce.The butternut squash was to die for! As I mention before I’m a huge fan of cheese, and Chef Matt Rojas prepared the squash gave me a great vegetable alternative to cheddar cheese.Its robust qualities, both in texture and flavor, were complemented by edible yellow flowers.

Parlor - 23

4th Course: Bread Pudding

A refreshing dessert provided a veritable explosion of tastes.The scrumptious chocolate sent a party to my taste buds.The salted caramel sauce and candied pine nuts along with hazelnuts worked well together, enlivening the plate.

My friends and I agreed this is by far one of the best fine dining experience.

Parlor - 73Outfit Details

Aqua Dress:Diesel

Black Strappy Block Heels: Woman Within

Nail Polish:Alpine Snow O.P.I.

Necklace: Flea Market Click Here For Similar Version

Bangle:Top Shop




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  1. Nastia says:

    Awesome, I’ve never heard of this place before, although I lived in New York for two years. Did you like salted caramel? I’ve never tried it before.

    • She Is Melrose says:

      I like the salted caramel a lot it was a great salty sweet taste.I lived in New York for all my life, and I was like why I haven’t heard of this place before lol.Welcome to NY hope you’re making the best of this concrete jungle.

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