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Light Wood Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser on OrganicAromas.com

Have you ever heard of the quote:“Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes.” by Sophia Loren? If you have or not, women everywhere spend a large sum of money on cosmetics.Instead,  they can save money by focusing on their well-being. I’m not claiming you have to stop completely buying makeup, (I know I won’t) the ultimate beauty tool will help you not invest in your whole paycheck.The inner beauty is how you take care of yourself.You follow the ritual of taking the essential vitamins you need and drinking eight-ounce glasses of water a day. As a woman living in New York City, the place that never sleeps is also hard to get the recommended seven to nine hours of dream land.


How to  avoid drinking coffee to stay awake, continuous doctor visits, and even help lower electric bills?

How to save on the cost of your beauty routine, is the use of essential oils. According to an article in Aroma Web, “The use of essential oils in particular date back nearly one thousand years.” If our ancestors swear by the utilization of oils for their well being so can you.The oils can help you sleep better, de-stress and avoid getting sick.

essential oilHow To Help Catch ZzZz’s

You had a long day, hell you had a long week. Other than grabbing your sleeping pills or a glass of wine to unwind, walk over to your oil diffuser to help you sleep like a baby.An ultrasonic diffuser like the one photographed from Organic Aromas is the best method to use because it helps prolong the performance of the oil. It’s seriously one of the best feelings to come home smelling scents of chamomile, lavender or clary sage. Imagine allowing your eyes to drift into blackness without lifting a finger.

De-Stress Your Life

Not only can a diffuser enable you to sleep throughout the whole night, but it can also help improve your mood. A negative attitude known as stress is cause for numerous reasons. For example, financial stability, a heavy workload, personal relationships and the list can go on and on.My personal favorite benefit of the oil diffuser is it can help you de-stress.Consider rose, fennel, and bergamot; it can help you feel cheerful and energized.It’s also an excellent idea to make some time, breathing in the scent with a meditation /yoga session. Your mentality will wash out all the negatives, and you will feel so much better, I guarantee that.

Bye Bye Allergy Season!

An over the counter medicine is not the only option to get rid of a winter cold or summer allergies.Oils are proven to help ward off illnesses. First, many essential oils are anti-microbial, and when they rise into the air in a fog form, the organic compounds within the oils allows it to purify the air within walking distance, even before you inhale the scent.Second, essential oils such as tea tree, grapefruit, lemon, and thyme can also be used to boost the immune system. 


You’re Hot Then Your Cold

Another way to avoid getting sick is staying cool,doing what you can to make sure the summer heat don’t drain you.Using an air conditioner might be your go to, however, think about the loud, obnoxious sound, hours on end.At the same time, it increases your electricity bill.Do yourself a favor and save money for the brand new shoes you’ve been eyeing in the store window. Replace the air conditioner with a diffuser (no loud sounds included). Peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint, and wintergreen will all help you feel like there is a slight breeze in the room.

There is a range of beauty tools out there in the world, except I genuinely believe your well-being comes first (everything else is just extra).

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  1. Vei Vei says:

    I have always heard about the benefits of lavender for sleep. Thanks for the reminder. I will retap my source of essential oil again.

  2. Lora says:

    I’ve wanted a diffuser just for the amazing smells, lol — but I hadn’t thought of all the other benefits! Great tips!

  3. Sheila Jo says:

    I got my mom a diffuser and an assortment of oils for Christmas. She mentioned this evening that she has been using it every day. My gifts for her don’t always go over this well!

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