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Where Brooklyn at?, Where Brooklyn at? 

Lyrics are from the famous rapping legend, Biggie Smalls. The song was pumping in my headphones as I reflected on my summer living in the same borough the rapper is from.My summer by far as a Brooklyn resident consisted of typical tourists sites such as The Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, and Prospect Park.The tourist-like sites were great to see however I believe as an on again off again Brooklyn girl my love for this borough is due to raw art, and creative individuals that keep me coming back.

bushwick - 31

Left: Me Middle: Paloma  Right: Zuleyka

I found the non-typical tourist site , I was craving for.It was much easier to locate the site than I thought it would be. I logged into my Facebook account last month and noticed a friend of mine; Paloma was interested in an event called, the Bushwick Collective festival.I attended the event last year, and I will never forget the phenomenal experience I had.Paloma invited another friend Zuleyka, and the three of us roamed the streets of Bushwick.

9ec0612d-f3e5-440d-abc3-b639b56343beThe festival reminded me why I enjoy the Brooklyn borough so much.Inspirational graffiti walls live music, street food, quality tattoos and unique finds were all included in the Bushwick Collective festival. As a creative individual myself, I’m always grateful to support the art subject which is missing from many schools.Due to school budget cuts, it eliminates many art programs, and I feel every child should have the opportunity to develop skills other than science, math, and writing. According to Law Street Media, ” It’s estimated that since 2008, more than 80 percent of schools nationwide experienced cuts to their budgets.


Graffiti has been looked down on for centuries, comparing this style of art as a bad influence. The bad persona can be pinpointed to the 80’s era.The graffiti art style dressed the trains throughout the city.The train at this period was known as the most dangerous place on earth.With a record of consistently abusing drugs and crimes happening almost every day no wonder why people ruled to clean up the train to give it a “safe” feeling. I’m one of other Brooklyn locals, attending the festival to see the beauty of this looked over art style.

bushwick - 27Grafitti gives me a feeling of home as I glare at the curves of the enlarged bubble typography in a 2-d effect.Goosebumps rise on my arms as I get closer to the spray painted image.Being born and raised in New York, the imagery speaks to me giving me a sense of pride.

If you will  like to see the Bushwick Art collective, I have some bad news and some good news.

ec151356-7cce-432b-8d72-ec54c21b3ae5The bad news is the Bushwick Collective only happens three days out of the summer.The good news is, you can book a tour and view the masterpieces created by artists from around the world.The tour begins on Jefferson street, and it allows you to stroll around the sidewalks learning about each artist,the concept is similar to an outside museum.The tour is called: The New York Graffiti and Street Art Tour .The tour itself includes more than just street art.You can view local hangout spots including Maria Hernandez Park and The Loom.The Loom is a Brooklyn minimal incorporating art space and shopping. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience when you visit Brooklyn.





Outfit Details

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21 thoughts on “You Never Seen BROOKLYN Like This! Book A Street Art Tour Now

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Thank you, I’m the same whenever I do get a chance to travel I try to make sure to get to know the places most tourists don’t visit.It’s always rewarding in the end and more authentic.

  1. Sabrina Barbante says:

    I love this post and dabass girl blog! and I love Brooklyn! I really hope that next time I’ll go to NYC I’ll be able to spend more time in this area that I loved like I did with Soho. Even more so, I hope I’ll be able to join this festival or smething similar.

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Sabrina, I hope you can come back and visit New York, If your ever in town I can keep you posted in the latest festivities so you can get to know the real new york

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