The 15 Min. Minimal Makeup Routine Before Heading To The Office


You snooze your annoying alarm clock a couple of times; it’s ok we all been there.Looking at the alarm and realizing you barely have time to put on your game-face for work, you start to sweat.Don’t panic worrying about running late to work.Here is a 15 min. makeup routine you can honestly stick to.

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To get a perfect composition blend, you have to make sure your face is as clean as a blank canvas.The first thing to do is study your face in the mirror. When you study your face in the mirror, it helps guide you to decide your skin type.Once you have determined your skin type, conduct some research to buy the right products that will make your skin happy.For example, I have combination/blemish prone skin, so I try to buy products that will put my best face forward.

Luckily there are some products out there in beauty-ville that helps us not waste hours thinking if it will harm your skin.One of the products is Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser. I swear by this cleanser! I admit, I cheated using different cleansers a couple of times and ended up beating myself up.It cleanses the skin without risking the essential moisture of the skin itself.It also doubles up as a makeup remover so you can kiss the makeup remover wipes goodbye.

Although the Soy Face Cleanser seems like a miracle, you still have to moisturize and use sunscreen.If you want a moisturizer and sunscreen all in one, the best one to use is Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Moisturizer With SPF 50.The oil free, not greasy and fragrance-free makes it durable to wear under make-up.

Now You Can Paint Your Blank Canvas


1.Conceal (1 min)

If you have dark circles and blemishes then using a concealer is a must.It diminishes the look of problem areas like a snap chat filter.My concealer choice is L’oreal’s True Match Bare Naturale because it ‘s lightweight and super easy to use.The concealer works as a disappearing act for your skin imperfections which helps for a smooth look.For days I’m running on no sleep, I add an extra step and use NYX’s Highlight & Contour Pro Singles in cream it helps me looks rested throughout the day.

2.Foundation (2 Min)

To help blend your concealer with your skin use a foundation. I’ve started to use Maybelline’s Super Stay Better Skin Powder thanks to Influenster for letting me try it out for free.I honestly fell in love with the light, airy texture.The foundation feels like I’m not wearing makeup at all. It’s so durable it adapts to my busy lifestyle.Just picture yourself,  staying late at work and deciding to grab dinner after to vent about your long day.The powder will stay put, no need for the touch-up.

3. Bake Your Skin and not in the oven silly (4 Min)


Rimmel’s first Sculpting & Highlighting Kit designed by Kate Moss is so easy to use; you will want to claim as your make-up cheat sheet.The kit also helps not pressing the replay button on YouTube make-up tutorials.On the back of the packaging, it shows an outline of where you should highlight, contour and blush.Since I discovered this miracle, it helped me save hours of prepping.(Don’t forget to blend everything  after 4 minutes)

4. When Her eye Speaks (4 min)

If you want to make sure your eyeshadow lasts more than a few hours you will have to use a primer.The one I used is Two Face’s Shadow Insurance Primer. The primer allows the eyeshadow not to crease throughout the day.After you pat the primer in your eyelids is time to pick an eye shadow color. The best option is any nude hues, allowing for a more natural look.
The next step is optional; it’s up to you if you will like to use an eyeliner.The eyeliner I use is Sephora’s Long Lasting Eyeliner High Precision Brush.I prefer to use a  liquid eyeliner, is a smoother look oppose to using a pencil eyeliner.To complete the eye look, you will want to lengthen your lashes.My mother taught me using two mascaras is better than one and the thought process never left me.The two mascaras I use is  Loreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Intenza and Chanel Inimitable Mascara.I love using the mix of both due to people always asking me if my lashes are real.It feels freaking fantastic to say yes.

lu5. Get Your LIPPIe On & Set For The Workday (1 min)

I try to stay away from lip gloss, but I find it to be the most appropriate for work when you don’t want to use a lip balm.A bit of shine helps complete the look.The shine is better than a lipstick which usually fades away throughout the day.My favorite lippie is MAC Lustreglass Lip Gloss.
Before you go out don’t forget to  spritz  with setting spray to help look refresh throughout the day.

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  1. Narai says:

    Whoo, feels a little overwelming! But the two mascara tip, I trying that for sure! Great info! As always cant wait to read the next post!

    • She Is Melrose says:

      It may seem overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of things you will remember the steps like it’s second nature.Thanks hun the next one will be with Warby Parker looking forward to your comments.

  2. Charlotte says:

    It is always good to have a basic makeup routine for those crazy mornings, when its one thing after another. (And we’ve al been there.) Thanks for the tips! XO CL

  3. Jennifer Hamra says:

    One thing I always forget to do is cleanse my skin before I put my makeup on. I like using concealer to cover “problem areas”, too. Great tips! And I love that Frida mug!

  4. Niki says:

    This is great…I clearly have no excuse for not bothering to do a good job with my make-up! I love the sound of that sculpting and highlighting kit, think I might give it a whirl 🙂

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