Essence Magazine Street Style Block Party 2016


Admiring the Dumbo archway underneath the breathtaking Manhatten Bridge is where I took a breather from the always insane NYFW. As much as I love the chaotic schedules of  NYFW, the shows are mainly curated from the contemporary scene.Summarizing the modern style is looking out on the runway for the latest silhouette. The modern style often has a mix of layering neutrals, sometimes hinted with a pop of color, print or embroidery.It seems I might be bored with the contemporary scene, I’m not, I just believe the style is predictable.As I took my breather from watching modern styles glide throughout the runway; It was refreshing to walk amongst Brooklyn locals for the Essence Magazine Street Style Block Party 2016.

As a steady reader of Essence Magazine, I admire their loyalty for women of color.They enforce a robust spirit and embrace the beauty for females of color that is sometimes dim in society.The magazine voice is similar to the show I watched growing up called, “Girlfriends.”The show is a  group of four women who help each other with life obstacles.I believe the magazine breaths the same story. It’s a lifestyle edge that covers advice on anything women of color want and needs.


The festival bounces off the positive focus of the magazine while maintaining true to the community.The festival had a mix of vendors specializing in beauty and skincare products.Some of the vendors are Shea Moisture, Madam C. J. Walker, and Nubian Heritage.The vendors know how to treat natural hair and the different problems women of color skin goes through such as eczema, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.A combination of independent shops held trunk shows selling a mixture of prints along with printed saying’s on apparel, devoted to Essence Magazine readers.The vendors and independent shops encourage consumers to stay true to themselves


Attendees of the festival clothing style are one that turns heads on the subways, other known as street style.
The current trends of street style is a walking advertisement of yourself. Your roots, your culture, who you are as an individual and your everyday influences reflects your ensemble. For a person who commits to this style on a daily basis doesn’t contempt to the minimalist society. The style is never quiet, more or less street style is about keeping it wild.In the 21st-century the way majority of the people dress is similar to buying fresh fruit in the market. The majority buy whatever appears on the shelf.The beauty of street style now in the 21st century it stays away from what sold in H&M, Zara, and all the fast-changing retailers.The street style wearer is sticking to cultural roots with a new age spin.Thanks to social media, freedom of expression of what you are and what you wear are often followed with a #hastag. You can see the sharp force of the social media world in the signage throughout the festival.Almost every tent signage apparently wrote where you could follow the vendor or independent retailer and what to tag.


My Favorite Essence Magazine Street Syle 2016 Looks 









efestival21 efestival7 efestival10efestival6





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