Honest Review of My First Beautycon:Chance To Win A Pixi Lipstick Inside!!

Fumbling to put on my false eyelashes was due to my excitement with a hint of stress.I was super excited to attend my first Beautycon. However, the hint of fear kicked in when I realized I’m running almost three hours late.I was practicing my breathing exercises I learn through a yoga workshop to help relief my stress.The breathing exercise surprisingly was working while I finally aced putting the false eyelashes on my eyelids.I did not want to go to a beauty event without a full face makeup look; It may seem overdramatic, but I felt it was necessary for me to go made up.Other than practicing my breathing exercises requesting an Uber ride eliminated my stress of FOM (fear of missing out.)Before I knew it, I was well on my way to my first Beauty Con.

beautycon6I finally arrived at the beauty venue at Pier 36.Immediately I felt at home surrounded by painted beautiful faces and food trucks.Making my way in I noticed the Nyx cosmetic booth right away.I was going to wait on line then an imaginary cloud bubble floated on top my head.The imaginary cloud bubble was a reminder of the time I scored a few freebies a few months ago at a grand opening Nyx store in Brooklyn.

beautycon7Making my way past the Nyx’s crowd, I attempted to go to all booths with shorter lines.I would have waited on the longer lines however I was late. My mind focused on enjoying the amount of time I had left for the event.The first booth I waited on line for is  QVC. The section included various beauty vendors such as Julep(specializing in nail polish), Madam C.J. Walker (specializing in haircare and toupee system) and Nudesticks(specializing in natural looking cosmetics).The main CVC booth included a  game. The game was to follow CVC on Instagram and “Spin the Wheel” to gain a freebie.I spun and won a Chi Smart Silk Volumizing Hair Spray, and I thought to myself impressive! I can’t believe I haven’t been to this event before.

https://www.newhairline.comMy thought process changed in under 20 minutes as I went to each booth all confirming if I’m following the company on Instagram or Snapchat.Feeling as I was a part of a social takeover I became a little upset. As an influencer myself, I understand the concept of if you want a freebie you have to follow me first as it is one of the rules for the freebie on this article.To establish, I’m not a hypocrite I will like to underline the fact a Con should be more than that.Get to know the attendee and see how the products will work on them instead of going through the whole repetitive cycle of, “Hey are you following (insert beauty company here)?” The booth representative checks your phone to confirm if you’re indeed following the company.Then the booth agent proceeds to give out the gift although you spent a good fifty bucks on a ticket.

beautycon9My feelings became mixed as I visited more booths.Some booths did take the time out to get to know the potential consumer.Although a follow on social media was still required to receive the freebie, I appreciate they took the time out to give it away without just rushing to give all their samples. A perfect example is Madam C.J. Walker; the brand booth took the time to describe why a hair mask is good for you and allow potential consumers to spray their hair mask sample with specific oils that will benefit their hair type.This kind of freebie I enjoyed more because I understand this product is curated to works for me.The Madam C.J. Walker Booth left a sentimental value on their freebies which more booths should have considered.Now I know for a fact a person who never purchased the brand  I’m willing to try their products because of my experience.

hairpieces for menAnother superb experience that weighed out my positive outlook on Beautycon is a nonprofit organization called “Beauty For Freedom.”With a crowd of people obsessed with makeup it was refreshing to see an organization putting the love for Beauty into good use.The proceeds of the company campaign “I Want To Break Free” helps raise awareness and financial donations for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight human trafficking globally.

beautycon11The “I Want To Break Free” campaign personally hit home as a New York resident with stories escalating about missing girls in the Bronx community. The stories surfacing in social media within the summer is teenage girls of the African-American, and Hispanic descent is kidnap in the African-American and Hispanic culture. Once these girls are kidnap,  rumors lead to the teenage girls becoming sex slaves.I signed up immediately after learning more about the campaign; I wanted to volunteer in such a powerful movement.

The event ended around 6 pm and other than feeling a part of a social takeover I’m pleased I  joined the New York Beauty Con 2016. I can’t wait to see what is in stores next year.

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11 thoughts on “Honest Review of My First Beautycon:Chance To Win A Pixi Lipstick Inside!!

  1. Sarah Jean says:

    Kind of embarrassing but I had to google was Beautycon was. I would love to go! And I think I’d also like it if the booths spent more personal time with me explaining the products.

  2. Danielle says:

    Your experience sounds so cool — eh, minus feeling stressed out on the way there. But that aside it sounds like such a cool conference and that you got some awesome takeaways for it. I hope you get to go again next year and that you have a greater experience!

    Danielle | http://www.FollowMyGut.com <3

  3. Kristen says:

    I would love to go to a beauty con! Kind of sucks they put so much emphasis on following them, it should be for an extra small goodie and not a requirement.

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