Today’s CheckList:First Crunch Leaves & Then Fall In Love With These Autumn Fashion & Beauty Trends

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aIt’s that time of year again where we feel a crisp breeze in the air.Due to the shift in temperature and moisture, the leaves start to change.The leaves during this time of year, become more brittle while turning into shades of golden brown and burnt orange.As your heart is set on jumping up and down crunching leaves on the floor, embracing the Autumn weather, don’t forget the season wardrobe change. I teamed up with makeup artist Andrea Black (also known as the beaute joint) to discuss a few of the fashion and beauty trends of Fall 2016 I’m sure you will be enchanted with.


 Arranging all the emerging fashion/beauty trends for Fall 2016 can be exhausting.One minute it’s  about velvet block heels, and the next it’s all about the patent leather bootie with a clear plastic heel. Whether you’re going out for a casual walk, planning an outfit for date night,  or going out clubbing for your best friend birthday extravaganza The Beaute Joint and I are here to help you!

Trend #1 Layer Goddess

With global warming still existing, the weather in New York has been a roller coaster ride. Since we want to keep some of our summer looks, it only makes sense to wear something over it all. A classic knitted cardigan is the go-to layering essential.


Trend #2: Sporty Say What

You can keep the layering goddess trend going on with legwarmers or knee-high socks. You can also sport a more youthful look with a beanie as photographed below.


Trend #3: Oversized Sweaters

You can raid your boyfriend closet or hit the stores and rock a bulky sweater as a dress. Make it yours by carrying the extra material off the shoulder which will spruce up your casual wear.


 Casual Makeup

Orange eye shadow shimmer tints matching with 90’s makeup staple, a chocolate brown hue or a bare face with a fire engine red lip will do perfect for your casual silhouettes.


silk base wigs

fall9If you’re in the spirit to make smores with your other half, go on an ultimate autumn date and fly high in a hot air balloon or dress up for a good-all-fashion movies and dinner night. We got you covered for date night.


Trend#4: Renaissance Woman

The Victorian era is in with a modern twist.Dark colors from this time are perfectly still used is the mix of the materials known in this period is what getting a makeover.Materials such as velvet, chiffon, and embroidery.The embroidered top as pictured keeps up with the time mixing with an acrylic wool printed 3/4 quarter sleeve top.


Trend #4: Semi-Long Coats

We have seen coats in different components, from brightly hued faux furs to suede and leather but something we noticed on the runway quite a bit was the length of each of these pieces and how that appealed to us who live in colder climates. The semi-long coat makes it perfect for us to layer while wearing a high heel laced bootie or a multi colored pump.

wedding gown


High slits have been seen a few seasons back and are always alluring making people drool as you strut up the street.Ironically is making a comeback for the colder weather.The slit up the thigh makes one of the top fall 2016 fashion trends.So go ahead daredevil wear this enticing craze is date night, after all, right?


Trend #6: Transparency is Everything

While the fall season does try to cover up a little more than usual, the 2015 trend of transparent looks comes in firmly once again, making a reign on the body positive movement.Of course layering the transparency garment when you head out is a requirement, the semi-long coat will become your best friend!


 Date Night Makeup

For date night the gothic lip is the way to go.Taking a trip to the dark side with a perfect plum lippy or you can go for a riskier take and use a forest green.The gothic lip pairs well with a smokey eye.

theme1Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius season is officially here.We all have to celebrate someone birthday if you get invited to the Club here what to wear.



The majority of the night ensemble is dipped in silver, gold, copper and more.The metallic shine craze makes sense with New Years around the corner. To not appear like a shiny disco ball I’ll advise wearing hints of metallic in your clothing.



The 2015 top trends of plunging necklines continue into 2016, right into the fall and winter.We think they might keep on recurring for a few seasons since it has not entirely caught up with the public.



There is a vast amount of pants/skirts that are high-waisted, the bonus is the style add length to the legs.This season shopping for high waisted goodies has become easier with a matching design curated for you to get without the hassle of thinking does this match?

 Club Wear Makeup

The penny copper hue is a great versatility helping you wearing it day into night.All you have to do is shade with a gold pigmented eyeshadow without overdoing it, keeping things mostly natural while making it clear that you have makeup on. It is a beautiful trend that I will most likely wear throughout the season.


Now that we covered you with the top trends for fall 2016 you will have your wardrobe cleaning will be done in no time.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love the tip about over sized sweaters as dresses – I’m all about that. Love the make up looks, too! Thanks for all the great ideas to bump up my wardrobe this season!

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