At Last, The Story Behind My 1 Year Blogiversary Brunch Celebration Is Revealed

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In 2012 I was a senior in Laboratory Institute of Merchandising ( a fashion college located in Manhattan) with a couple of weeks left before I graduated. One of the classes required was emphasizing my internship experience and guiding me on how to successfully land a job in my field after graduation. My professor at the time Susan Kavy pulled each student to the side to give us advice on planning after college. When it came to my turn Ms. Kavy crushed my dreams of being a fashion editor for a magazine’s. MS. Kavy called out my bad grammar and even had the audacity to ask if English was my first language. I swore my jaw drop like the genie in the Disney movie film, “Aladdin.” After what felt like a punch to the chest, she told me there are various positions in the fashion industry, and I had great internship experience. Ms.Kavy suggested I should pursue my career in the internships I’ve done while attending L.I.M. college. The internships I had experience in were product development and wholesale.


Although I know what Professor Kavy said is unethical, I proceeded to look for work after graduation with her advice. A small part of me felt as the advice given to me by Ms. Kavy was looking out for my best interest. There I searched tirelessly for work on the corporate side of fashion and apparel. After each time a job told me I got the position, my heart broke when they mention how much my salary will be. I was making double, if not more as a sales representative for the designer brand, Diesel. I couldn’t find it in me to commit to leaving retail just yet, especially living in one of the most overpriced states, New York. Although I weighed out my options and decided to continue working for Diesel; I did not want to go on the rest of my life as a sales representative in retail. I do not want to offend anyone working in retail. It’s a personal decision I made hence graduating college and already pushing my goals to the side was tearing me apart inside. I refused to let my dreams of working in the corporate fashion industry die altogether.

Left: Amanda( @amanda_maxine on Instagram) Middle: Nadya ( Right: Glendaly (

Then one day my job had a store meeting to announce the Diesel location I was working in was closing down soon. I used this as a way to get my foot in the industry. Now that my salary wouldn’t be a factor I can feel more dedicated while looking for work. I thought to myself the feeling of being stuck could finally diminish. A few weeks after going on numerous interviews I found a job listing on WWD Careers. The job listing was to be a showroom assistant for a Serbian fashion designer Dusica Sacks. Being a showroom assistant for Ms. Sacks was a surreal Devils Wear Prada moment in my life. Not only did she wear Prada shoes religiously I was working long hours, sometimes without a break and doing the work of about five people put together. MS. Dusica also pursued in a ton of illegal employment practices which I will not go into full details. Despite the fact of not going into full details of the fashion designer illegal work practices, you get my drift of working in a nightmare.


Blogger Brunch Included: turkey bacon, cinnamon pancakes, garlic fries topped with provolone cheese, lemon buttered asparagus and scrambled eggs with green peppers topped with provolone cheese

After I had the strength to move on I reached out to a couple of temp agencies and used to work for a week in the Adidas showroom, showing various buyers the Yeezy Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. I also started to model for an all Latina model agency, Dulce Models. Then I worked as a temporary drop ships coordinator. The agreement of my position was an ongoing temp job, meaning my boss could let me go when she wants, and I can leave when I want. I was struggling financially in my new temp job, but I felt happy to learn the ins and outs of the business reminding myself daily it could be a nightmare as my prior experience as a showroom assistant.

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Knowing I was struggling financially I started to look for a second job to help make ends meet. Then one day my best friend reached out to me with a miracle job. She asked me to be a blogging teacher in her nonprofit company, Retail Action Project. I doubted myself and told her I couldn’t do it, and I wouldn’t know how to start making a lesson plan. She reminded me of my different roles in the fashion industry and how much I was an inspiration to her, and she is giving me opportunities to be an inspiration to others if I taught this class. Little did I know she will change my life! Not only did I explain the benefits of blogging and how to be a successful entrepreneur; I also got my confidence back in being a fashion writer. A month into teaching the class I rebranded myself a Tumblr Blogger to a WordPress blogger creating a logo and a domain was the start to She Is Melrose as a blogger/blogging coach. A couple of months ago I celebrated my blogiversary with a couple of fellow bloggers and my designer friend. I decided to host a brunch in my in my Brooklyn apartment and catch up with my friends while always looking at my platinum number one balloon to remind me of my accomplishment. At that moment I wanted to find Professor Kavy phone number to rub it in her face, but then I will be acting out of my positive character.Honestly, I was thrilled of my newfound confidence and even more proud of myself on not entirely giving up on my dream.


Received ChapStick® products complimentary from Influenster but all opinions are my own.

Unfortunately, I no longer work for the nonprofit agency since I now work in a full-time job as sales and merchandising assistant in the home bedding industry. I still strive to coach people who inspire to be bloggers on my spare time. I also collaborate with different agencies to help market various products including the company, InfluensterI will also be featured in a fashion publication in NYFW2017.Let’s just say I can’t wait to celebrate my second blogiversary.


Dessert Included: soft chocolate chips cookies and lemon meringue pie (we also enjoyed fruits and sangria which is not photographed)


9 thoughts on “At Last, The Story Behind My 1 Year Blogiversary Brunch Celebration Is Revealed

  1. Billie says:

    This was such an inspiring read! You’re absolutely killing it! Sometimes those we think are meant to help us find the best path for ourselves actually do the opposite, I’m glad you ignored her advice! I hope you continue to pursue and meet your dreams xx

  2. Nadya says:

    You are such an inspiration! Don’t ever let someone keep you from reaching your dreams! I had a similar situation with a Professor that tore me apart, but there’s a difference between criticism and constructive criticism. You have passion and talent and that shows! You have truly inspired me, and you are a great teacher. I truly appreciate all your help! Keep up the great work Mel!!

    • She Is Melrose says:

      It means so much coming from you. Professors should know students do not take their advice with a grain of salt.Especially if we’re looking up to them to help guide our future.Many students like me take it literally.I agree there is a difference with criticism and constructive criticism.I’m sorry you went through the same experience.Also thanks for the kind words!

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