Choosing a Prom Dress that will Surely Make a Bold Statement

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Last week I hung out with my cousin who was biting her nails, fussing about prom.She has been fussing about it since the first day she attended school this year.I told her the best time to start shopping for her dress is in January. She looked at me and told me she doesn’t want to commit until March since prom is in May! I explained to her it’s best to start sooner than later when it comes to shopping for a dress that seems red carpet worthy. Then she began to cry what if I don’t find anything that will fit? 
I responded remember the “Twilight” book/movie craze?  She replied, of course, I remember, I was a  middle schooler, it wasn’t that long ago! I chuckled, and after agreed with my cousin it wasn’t that long ago.

I explained to my cousin back then; it was easy to find replicas of “Bella’s” (Kristen Stewart) prom dress from the first film (2008’s “Twilight”). You may have read that the costumer for the movie found it at a deep discount. The costumer found the low-priced dress at Ross-Dress-For-Less and bought a couple of them for use on the Catherine Hardwick-directed movie.

The Azure-blue halter prom dress with a ruffled skirt was supposed to have been given to Bella by Alice (Ashley Greene). Given that Alice (this is detailed in the books) was intended to have a real penchant for very expensive, classy designers, it may surprise fans that upon closer viewing, the actual dress was entirely lacking in real quality. We’re not including or discounting the fact that during movie shoots dressers and costumers are well known to adjust an outfit to within an inch of its “life,” making it fit beautifully and look much better than it would be in person.

All of that said when Twilight fans at the time were preparing themselves for prom they were on a hunt for a similar dress.As they tried on the dress, most of them likely found they did not even remotely resemble Bella Cullen (later Swan). And here’s the secret to it all – all of the actresses in that film (and pretty much any other movie) are TINY. And when we say tiny we don’t necessarily mean in height, we mean they pretty much all sport petite frames. We are talking about Stewart, Greene, Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Anna Kendrick (a good sprite! She played Jessica) and even “mom” Esme (Elisabeth Reaser).  

But they are actresses and their bodies are their instruments, and all that. What this means to you, I asked my cousin? She responded why this is now relevant?  I explained, There are few teenagers in the country who are built like starlets. The bottom line? You won’t look like Kristen Stewart or “Bella” for that matter; you’ll look like you. Stewart’s waif-like frame was ideal for that dress, and her characterization brought the quality of the dress up.  

The best advice anyone can give you as you search for a prom dress that will help you make a bold statement? You can view a collection of exquisite prom dresses for sale online at Find one that flatters your figure.  If you want to buy the actual dresses online, use the guidelines below.

cocktail dresses

cocktail dresses

Here are the styles will best suit you:

  • Slender – you’re thin all over (think, Kristen Stewart). A fitted dress will look splendid on you! You have several options – like an asymmetrical neckline, which leads into a sleeveless arm and a long-sleeved arm. The Regency inspired empire waist would look great on you, too. Add a slit in the dress and the illusions of curves evolve.
  • Hourglass – your hips and your bust are proportionate – and you need to find a dress that emphasizes your tiny waist, features an open neckline and possibly a wrap-style dress
  • Pear – you have luscious hips, but a small bust and you would look best in a strapless dress with a full skirt – you want to look balanced
  • Apple – are you more lush in the middle, and have a rather undefined waist?  Choose a dress that makes people look towards your upper half and show off those slim legs
  • Busty – yes, you are what they used to call VA-VA-VA-Voom. Choose a dress that gives your hips curves and your waist defined
  • Petite – think Anna Kendrick…if you’re under 5”3 tall, you’re considered petite. Avoid full skirts and full-length dresses. Elongate your frame with vertical prints, v-necklines or pleating.

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