Avoid Holiday Dress Stress With A Bra That Actually Fits From Third Love


The moment foodies wait for all year is finally here! I’m excited to get into my lace maxi dress, paired with velvet thigh-high boots and be welcome with a full plate of food.Before prepping to binge-eat a turkey, in the beginning of November I had what I would like to call a case of holiday dress stress .As I struck gold on the search for a lace maxi dress, I bumped into a problem.My beautiful lace maxi dress had a deep plunge.Usually, I would wear a silicone bra cutlet, and that will help solve my issue.On the other hand, every time I wore a silicone bra cutlet it will become nonsticky. Imagining myself in a house full of people and making a complete fool of myself, I refused to wear a silicone bra cutlet.

Fearing the worst could happen if I wear a silicone bra cutlet, I decided to go on a mission.Walking heavily towards my dresser I opened the drawer. I took out all the bras I had while convincing myself one of these bras need to fit.As I paraded around my full-length mirror, each bra seemed like a flake.I started to notice something I haven’t paid attention to before my straps on all my bras are loose and my cups are gaping.I stood back from my full-length mirror and sat on my bed, my hands began to sweat and breathing became heavy.Due to my actions, I know for sure I was having a fashion attack.(a fashion attack is a word I made up meaning you feel like your having a heart attack due to clothes not fitting correctly)

As I drank water to calm myself from my fashion attack, I called my best friend. While discussing my melodramatic story, I explained my fear of not finding the perfect bra for Thanksgiving.If I couldn’t find the perfect bra for Turkey Day, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my other dresses for Christmas and New Years. From work to family to friend holiday festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up.However, I don’t want to be the one known for a wardrobe malfunction.


My best friend asked when was the last time I got measured? I laughed hysterically and told her, the last time I got measured was when I realized it was time to get out of a training bra.She gasped and explain a lot has happened from then to now.She recommended me to get a bra size check up every six to eight months.If that is the case, I’m long overdue. With a full-time job and freelancing on the side, how will I find time to find a bra that will fit.

My best friend explained your clothes would never fit properly without making an effort. If you want to find the perfect bra and figure out your size, the best company to trust is Third Love.They have a bra fitting app and also allow you to try a bra for thirty days; you will only have to pay for shipping.I decided to give Third Love a try.

Fast forward to now, the real gobble-gobble day and I’m thankful.Thankful for Third Love helping me find my perfect bra.Now I can move around in my holiday dress without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

If your facing any of the following #brablems , give the app a shot.Also consider the try-at-home fitting.Once you found your bra soul mate use the exclusive promo: TLNOVBB15 ! The code is good until Dec,15 2016?. What you waiting for? Check out Third Love now and avoid the holiday dress stress.


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  1. Doris says:

    Cool post! I learned about bra fittings on my second to last trip to the states (NYC) because I couldn’t find a proper bra that fit me (2009). Now I faithfully go get the girls measured once every year. It truly helps in the long run, on if you are buy the correct bras and how your shirts or dresses look on you!! Welcome to the team girlfriend lol. Plus I am dying to see this turkey day maxi dress… don’t leave me hanging lol

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