Why the Latest EO Collection by Organic Aromas Should Be On Your Christmas List?


As we welcome December with snow flurries and holiday music we often go on a Christmas shopping spree. You are probably spending your downtime searching through google crossing off everyone’s gift list. You should do yourself a favor while you’re on the search engine looking for gifts for other people. Take the time out and write your personal wish list for Christmas.You deserve it, especially after going out of the way to make sure everyone has a gift for the holidays.Take the chance this year and go out of the way for yourself.

Now check your personal Christmas list and cross out the things that you don’t need.
Once you’re done crossing off the unnecessary items off your list. Put Organic Aromas latest essential collection on the top of your list.The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection has pleasant aromas as well as a wide-range of benefits.

The organic aromas collection is split into two easy to open boxes. The packaging is imprinted with a spin off the ying-yang symbol. Instead of black and white dots in the traditional ying-yang symbol, the dots are swapped out for roses. The left box includes oils, dedicated to an overall theme of awakening whereas the right box oils are sculpted to inspire.

Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection


The inspire box contains oils representing strength, balance, and protection.

The awaken box contains oils representing energy, nourishing, and calming.oils5

The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection can make you feel great all year around. However, each box has essential ingredients to help you survive the winter time.The Inspire box can help prevent and aid the common illness that arises during this brutal period. The common sickness includes having a cold and the flu.I will advise using the bottles in the collection named Ocean Breeze and Welcome Home.Ocean Breeze consists of a mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary while Welcome Home includes a mix of eucalyptus,  pine, and cedarwood.Inhale or diffuse these bad boys and you will better in no time.


Another winter complaint is muscle and joint stiffness. The awaken box includes bottles named, Celebration, Jubilation, and  Harmony. These oils are infused with various mixes. However, the key element of clove, nutmeg, and ginger will help the pain go away.


Maybe your not looking for a cure to help your physical pain. Other than getting sick with a cold or feeling pain in the joints you may catch the case of the winter blues. The winter blues is proper name is seasonal affective disorder. The disorder is a type of depression that relates to changes in seasons. It usually starts around fall and stops and the end of winter. A natural remedy includes ylang-ylang and orange. In the awaken box the bottle called Morning Bloom cover these key ingredients and so much more.

The ten bottles in the Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection took years of research and had a vast amount of over sixty different pure essential oils to make.The years of research was to verify each oil has the best natural medicine available on earth.








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