Women Entrepreneurs Continue To #LashLikeABoss in 2017

We all know financially men make more than women, although withholding the same place in a corporate setting. The unfortunate fact was drilled into my head when my former high school professor educated me. Gazing through the printout in front of me, at the harsh men vs. women statistics, it boiled my blood. I could not come to terms with the fact not only women are expected to do everything, at the end of the day we will just make less than our male coworker.

Given the facts of a sexist commercial work structure, many women drift off and decide to start their own business. Many women including myself have found ways to balance their jobs and personal lives seamlessly, remain high in the face of incredible challenges, and compete against even the toughest competitors.

I’ve thought a lot about how these remarkable girl bosses have handled their success with all the blockades they receive as just being women . One of the behaviors that come to mind consistently is women can do more with less.

Being more prolific with a smaller amount of time, and requiring less cash to begin/develop their business. As I read on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, last year, female entrepreneurs needed only half as much money to start their business as their male entrepreneurs. While the typical woman devoted $10,000 to get her business up and running, men expended an average of $20,000.

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Here is why women do more with less time: One reason is women in the age group of 20 through 40  are likely to have children still at home or are struggling full-time to keep a roof over their head with their current jobs. The unwilling to sacrifice the current role were in because we have priorities and business is our side babies until we make enough time and money to make our dreams full-time.

The less time and money helps the strong willpower to start and grow a business. Women may have a reduced amount of time to commit to their business,. But they make it work by being hard-hearted in how they manage their time. They educate themselves and use any earlier experience to make a name for themselves.


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Where men are quick to report the success of their business women, don’t say it as publicly. Since women take the time to make their business prosper according to The Centre For Entrepreneurship, they make a higher profit than men do.

Since women are kicking so much ass what the point of a New Year’s resolution? How about this year we don’t have a resolution. Continue to do what you do best and look good doing it. Put your game face on and keep rocking #girlpower for the new year to come!

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