Cozy Sweaters & Adore Me: Wear Your Creativity On Winter Weekends

It’s OFFICIALLY here 2017! A  New Year, and we are experiencing a gritty snow storm in NYC.Time to bundle up in your cozy sweaters and Adore Me bras.While you’re bundling up for the winter weekend, do something different.Instead of doing the usual raiding your fridge and going on a Netflix binge, let’s  have a different approach to how we’re spending our winter weekends. Instead of being a couch potato (which is ok every once in a while) do something that will keep your mind sharp.

Try to develop a new hobby or continue to flourish one. Pursuing a  cool hobby is a great strategy to make your winter weekends eventful.The time spent on creating will be fun, and you wouldn’t feel like you wasted a whole day. You can paint, write poetry or short stories or open your mac book where you can learn how to do a  DIY project or practice different makeup looks. If the DIY project or practicing exactly want the difference between a contour brush and a foundation brush is not up your alley, don’t worry there are endless opportunities online.

The point is your taking time to be the best version of yourself while enjoying hobbies.

If you want to take up painting, I strongly encourage you to do it now. It’s one of the most relaxing hobbies I’ve ever encountered.You don’t even have to be amazing at drawing, trust me I’m far from it myself. Don’t be scared to pick up that brush because of negative experiences you had during art class when you was little.Painting is a skill, and like every skill, all you need is patience and practice. To make sure you actually will have fun painting is erase any comparison to a skilled artist. Nobody picked up a brush their first time and created a masterpiece. So do yourself a favor get a pad or a canvas and let your vision come to life.


While I’m in my creative process in the winter, I like to stay warm, so I bundle up with a cozy sweater and even wear a nice lacy number underneath it.You may wonder why it matters to me what type of bra I have underneath.A lace bra to me is a small boost of confidence that reflects when I’m painting, writing poetry or learning a new skill online.

  • Sweater: H&M
  • Bra: Adore Me
  • Hoop Earrings: Nasty Gal

If writing poetry caught your interest, I will give you multiple reasons why you should start. Other than stating the obvious, writing about your feelings. You can write about your personal experience. If you think about it, no one has been exactly what you been through. It makes your experience unique. People may relate, but it’s your words in your perspective. You will pay close attention to your senses.  You might walk by a school every day and just think is brown school. After some time writing, the brown school becomes, “A brown walnut school with huge crystal clear windows, surrounded by oak trees.” Poetry will help you view the world in a different sense than what you used to.

 Tips on Writing Poetry:

  • Having a thesaurus on hand (sometimes writing the same words over and again might lose a reader interest )
  • Look up writing prompts as a writing exercise. (the prompts will help you come up with different ideas of what to write about.)
  • Reading other people poetry can help for inspiration and finding your writing style.
  • Keeping a dream journal, other than writing about feelings and your surroundings, this is another idea worth giving a shot and helps you write
  • Read your poem out loud after leaving it alone for some time and revise it until you feel you can’t edit it anymore
  • Think about turning your poetry  to spoken word by acting out your poem

  • Cozy Sweater: She In
  • Bra: Adore Me
  • Bamboo Necklace: Dooda Jewelry

Last but not least the wonderful invention of the internet allows you to pick up any skill you want. As I transition my blog from fashion to lifestyle, I’ve taken on DIY projects. Trying to enhance my makeup skills from watching YouTube makeup influencers and so much more.

If you have no idea of what skill you will like to use,  go on a computer. Use the search bar and write “fun skills to learn online.” So many sites have different lists.  I bet you can find one that will work best for you.

Learning a new skill whether is painting, writing poetry, or completing a DIY project, it helps anyone stay curious. It allows you to break out of routine. Once you break out of the routine, you can undertake new challenges. Finding outlets for your new-found skill is key to set up a happy balance in your life.

  • Cozy Sweater: Diesel
  • Bra: Adore Me
  • Connected Bangles: Colette Hazelwood Jewellery

*****If you will like to see more cozy sweaters with lacy numbers you get more looks on Adore Me  Pinterest Page

30 thoughts on “Cozy Sweaters & Adore Me: Wear Your Creativity On Winter Weekends

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am taking a photography class starting on Jan 28. I am looking forward to it! Photography is how I like to express myself creatively and yes, it’ll help pass the dreary winter months!

  2. Emmy says:

    Love this! You are right, it is so easy just to waste away the weekends– but why not do something that will help us be better and do more!

  3. Jalisa Harris says:

    I love all your picks. I adopted the chunky and cozy sweater trend. As for the new year I am hoping its my best year. I got married last March but my brother in law passed away in Sept so it was a rough holiday season.

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Thank you hun ❤ adopting the chunky and cozy sweater trend is a must for this winter ❄️ congrats on your marriage that is exciting however on the passing of your brother in law I can sympathize. Two of my cousins died around thanksgiving so it was extremely tough on my family this year. My prayers are with you and yours and in hopes of this year is truly your best year

  4. Glendaly Corona says:

    Girl, you’re making me want to do so many extra curriculars. I LOVE painting, it’s something I do with Kaelynn whenever I have the free time. & DIY is my middle name. I’ve bee slowly getting into poetry and hope to get better at it. They’re all great ways to explore your creativity. Lovely post babe! Happy too see you killing the blogging game. ✨

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Thanks hun we should do a paint and sip girls day with Kay let me know what you think and I also I was thinking about attending some spoken word events for inspiration I signed up for a meet up recently let me know if you want to go love you hun

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Same here I just starting a few months ago and I’m on painting number two but it’s def a huge stress reliever and once you get started time just simply flies away.

  5. Sheila says:

    My husband and I are taking some cooking classes together this winter for fun together. There are plenty of classes online. We also took some massage classes which we both are STILL benefitting from last winter. I love to paint too! I love to have music on so my spirit can be free to create! Also, I agree there is nothing better than oversized sweaters and comfy bras! Blessings to you!

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Thank you hun cooking classes sounds exciting I have to see if there doing some in my area. Love the fact your husband joins in on the fun. Hope you enjoy your day.

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