Charity Art Fair: A Girls Night Out Find Out How “Joy Sneaks In”


If you’re a balling on a budget New York City resident, then HONEY, we have a lot in common.This past summer I acted like I was a teenager living underneath my mother roof. I was tapping into my savings to stay up with the latest events. I’ll admit I had a case of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out).Fast forward to winter I found myself staying in more than usual just to save money and make ends meet.

That all came to an end when I checked my email last week.I received an email from Event Brite and saw a rather tempting subject line, “SUP 2017! 17 Free Events This Month”.I opened it and found an event called Joy Sneaks In An Affordable Charity Art Fair.I felt the adrenaline of excitement rushing over me.I was excited to know I could finally go out without the torture of dishing out as I did this past summer.I called up my two friends Ivonne (pictured on the left) and Paloma (pictured on the right) and told them to let’s have a girls night out.

Before going to the event, I raided my closet. Keeping in mind, I was attending a low-key fashion event; I took heels out of the equation. My choice of footwear for the charity art fair is an all black Chelsea boot. I picked the boot because it had a bit of height. The height help prevents me from not tripping over my long maxi wool-blend turtleneck dress from Diesel. I decided to put on a necklace my friend Ivonne gifted me many Christmases ago. The chain design is three gold triangles connecting, while a series of silver chains dangles underneath them. The necklaces make a perfect accessory for attending an art event. I decided to top my artsy look with a jet-black pork pie style hat.

After snapping a few selfies on Snapchat (Snapchat name: Sheismelrose), I was out the door. I met up with my girls, who is just excited as I am. They asked me to explain what the event was all about. I told them Joy Sneaks In: Charity Art Fair is from three Brooklyn illustrators. The purpose of the affordable art, (prints, pins, and patches included) is to help an organization called Lambda Legal.

Lambda Legal works tremendously hard to defend the civil rights of the L.G.B.T community. The team also help fight civil rights for anyone who has H.I.V. All of the money raised from this event will go to them. The name itself Joy Sneaks is a belief adopted from the Puritan legacy. The theory states that “no one should have joy or abundance until everyone does.” In a way it makes sense but in the dark, there is always light sooner, or later happiness sneaks in, and it does to help keep in line with social or political change.

As Ivonne, Paloma and I all voted against Trump and with the inauguration around the corner a fun girls night out was more meaningful than ever.

As we finally reached our destination, we entered inside and felt like kids in the candy store. My favorite table is full of goodies. The items display is  Cat Coven, Sabretooth Dream, Last Craft, Adam JK, Midge Belickis and so much more.My friends and I chuckled at the “Pussies Against Trump” patches and agreed we had to wear while we protest at the inauguration.The patches were only $5.00, which is a bargain if you ask me.

While we enjoyed the night art gazing, we also caught up in much-needed girl time. We discussed how great the event was, especially for giving back to a community. In a time like now is heart-warming to see people are finding a creative way to come together. I hope events like this continue to triumph, throughout the time Trump remain president. Events similar to the charity art fair will show every New Yorker although we have lost we are not defeated.

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