The Stress-Free Way To Create A Lip Ombre Look With Bite Beauty

You can see the ombre trend, EVERYWHERE these days! From hair styles, nail art, apparel and in bedding. Is actually hard to not bypass the ombre trend. If you want to get technical, an ombre is simply two contrasting colors that evolve dark to light or light to dark.

Usually, an ombre lip is used to create the appearance of fuller lips without the cost of surgery.If you naturally have full lips like “moi”, don’t panic! You can still rock this look. The main beauty product to create the lip ombre is a lip pencil. Once you discover which lip pencil to use the next step is to figure out what lipstick color compliments the lip pencil. You can use a hue that will match your outfit or a neutral tone that will match anything you wear.

In the beauty tutorial, below I decided to show you guys how to create this trend with Bite Beauty. Bite Beauty is a super cute brand dedicated to age defy your lips. (Can you say YES to looking forever 21.) If that didn’t win you over the company recently launch their first batch of lip liners in 22 shades.

Before you run to Sephora to cop one of the many shades, you can see in the video which ones I used. The lip pencils  I used are shade 020 and 044. To compliment the pencils I used the Bite Beauty lipstick in Honey Comb (the shade is a warm nude) and Whiskey (the shade is a dark mahogany).

*Side note this is my first youtube video ever so if you want to not only learn the stress-free way on how to do a lip ombre view the video to get to know more about me.

What I fancy about the lip pencils other than the creamy texture is the natural ingredients the product has to make my lips look and feel FABOLOUS!

The Natural ingredients are:

  • Whipped Shea Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Candelilla Wax

I’m always excited when shea butter is infused in beauty products because I swore by shea butter to help treat my acne scars. The other ingredients are the reason why the lip pencils have a beautiful creamy texture.

The stress-free way to do the lip ombre is mastering the art of lining your lips. The key is to create a thicker line on the corners.  As you create the thick lines on the edges of your mouth, decrease the lining as you move to the curve of the top lips. Then you apply the lipstick to the center of the lips. Think about how the kindergarten teacher taught you how to color in between the lines. You can choose to top the look with a clear lip gloss. The lip gloss creates a beautiful shine which helps you glow in the nighttime. That is all you need to create the lip ombre, simple and easy.

If you want to take the extra steps of making your lip ombre pop, most beauty guru recommends exfoliating. You can apply a lip scrub wait a couple of minutes before wiping off. After using the lip scrub, you can help complete the exfoliation with the utilization of a lip balm. The purpose of the lip balm is to help smooth and make your lips softer. After you’re done, if you want to make the lip ombre last longer, you can apply a light concealer all over your mouth. The concealer helps to hide any darkness of the lip or any pigmentation you may have.

Here is my TotaL look for light to dark.

Here is my total look for dark to light

***Received the products complimentary all opnions are my own

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  1. followmygut2014 says:

    I see people do the ombre lip and it’s too cute! I love how you break it down here. You make it look like I can do it which means I gotta give it a try. Great photos by the way!!!\

    Danielle | <3

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