Mina D. Jewelry: As Featured In Lori Snyder’s Upcoming Fashion Must-Read La La Mode Rue

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An upcoming fashion must read will hit the bookstores soon!  LaLa Mode Rue by Lori Snyder will highlight designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and a few select stores. The focus of the book is to bring attention to both upcoming and established entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and beauty. I was so excited to meet superstar jewelry designer Mina Deutsch.  Read on to find out a bit more about this fabulous woman!

 Mina accessories line, Mina D. Jewelry, is known for women who are daring to make a  statement. Her pieces are exquisite and timeless. The pieces can easily transition from day-to-night. I love the idea of wearing the same piece at work without having to switch it for an evening out.

I have to admit visiting  Mina’s office and going through all the selections of jewelry made me feel like a girl playing dress up. If you were like me, you would probably remember always digging through mommy’s makeup collection. Much as trying on heels twice your size, piling on so many accessories that you probably tipped over.

Now as an adult, I find it harder to transform myself into a Disney princess. Let’s get real. Finding the time to go to work with a full face of makeup,  walking in heels all day, wearing the perfect accessories to match an outfit, it may seem nearly impossible.


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Mina Jewelry Designer Of Mina D. Jewelry

Mina, the designer of Mina D. Jewelry, understood the struggle of most women who gets ready for work every day trying to find the right accessory to match her ensemble. She browsed jewelry stores and chic boutiques. Realized the jewelry she was looking for wasn’t available. Mina looked throughout many stores, and nothing sparked her interest or made her feel unique. Feeling hopeless, she started designing for herself.  Mina’s designing helped her create something exclusively for her wardrobe.That is how Mina D. Jewelry was born.


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Interview: MINA D. JEWELRY


She Is Melrose
Should jewelry making be known as a form of art?


As a designer, I help develop the creating process of a new accessory. Directing the jewelers and stringers, I hire to do the manual work help my vision come alive.  Thankfully don’t physically put the pieces together,  I make sure I’m there from start to finish.  As the accessory form into a masterpiece, I switch roles and become the marketer. If jewelry making is not a kind of art, I don’t know what is.

She Is Melrose:

How do you choose what you want to create?


Inspiration is the key to my creations. Whether something catches my fancy in a fashion show. Or the calming mood being surrounded by nature.  My pieces all started with a sense of inspiration.

She Is Melrose:

What kinds of materials do you use for your collection work well together, and which ones do not?


I only design with materials that are natural. Some of the materials include non-synthetic stones, natural stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver and so much more.

She Is Melrose:

Beyond applying basic techniques, how do you raise an emotional response to your jewelry line?


Each piece I design, I create it with passion, hoping the wearer will fall in love and wear it continuously.

She Is Melrose:

The most meaningful piece of jewelry you own is?


The most significant piece of jewelry I own is the earrings that belonged to my sweet grandmother. The earrings are made out of diamonds and have an antique feel. I wear the earrings every day to keep memories of my grandmother close to me; she is no longer with us.

She Is Melrose:

Your biggest “NO-NO” for jewelry is?


Anything synthetic and plastic. These materials seem to look like a child’s toy and not anything an adult should wear.


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