Master The Hair Tutorials By Perfecting Your Hair With HASK Greek Yogurt


14.9 billion beauty-related video views are on YouTube according to an article I read on Digital Surgeons. The views ranked in 2014, imagine how many people are logging in and seeing the tutorials in 2017. I will admit I partake in some of the viewings myself.  Lately, I’ve been obsessing over hair tutorials.

My recent obsession over watching hair tutorials on YouTube is me wanting to get out of my slump. Within the past few weeks, I’ve moved to a new place, got terribly sick and my relationship came to an end.  Stress is somewhat of an understatement of how I’ve felt. The feeling of blah reciprocated to my appearance. I’ve been so out of it I haven’t even taken the time to straighten my hair. I firmly believe it’s another reason I was sick. I often just wet my hair and let it dry naturally throughout the day. In the summer letting my hair dry naturally is usually fine however during these windy weeks, not so much.

I know it might seem cliché, but I told myself if I build an effort of taking care of my hair it will boost my ego and feeling of empowerment. Some of you might be thinking what does hair have to do with boosting your ego? Well according to Women’s Healthy Magazine, l read an article stating how long it takes for women to get ready for the day. Believe it, or not, statistics show the time of a typical morning beauty routine. A  beauty routine averaged out to fifty-five minutes.It’s a given for women to feel great when she gets her hair, nails or makeup.

As I decided to give myself an ego boost, I had to prep my hair makeover. Looking at my hair products, and I know I needed to start from scratch with a shampoo/ conditioner (and a deep conditioner). Causing my hair so much damage, I believe my hair has reached its breaking point, it needs a repair treatment badly.  Due to my odd way of celebrating my birthday every year, dying my hair a new color. On top of using harsh chemicals on my hair, I use various heat products; my hair has survived a lot.

Hask Hair Treatment

Luckily For Me, Walgreen has exactly what I’m looking for. A Shampoo and Conditioner including a deep conditioner to help restore life to my hair.


The Benefits of Greek Yogurt For Hair is:

  • Have dry ends it help restore moisture
  • Adds the beautiful bouncy luster you see in hair commercials
  • Recover From Hair Breakage
  • Say Bye-Bye to pesky dandruff

The Benefits of Blueberry For Hair Is:

  • Say Yes To Hair Growth
  • Prevent Hair Ageing (yes the gray roots that we are scared about)

The Benefits of Acai For Hair Is:

  • High protein content and omega 3, 6 and nine fatty acids
  • It has folic acid and zinc, which has been known to give support for root strength

To see the hair tutorials I mastered using the Hask Hair Greek Yogurt line.You may see the video below.

*If you want a spoiler to the hair tutorials is:

  • Poof Half-Up Half-Down
  • Romantic Curls (Loose Curls)
  • Braided Up-Do





10 thoughts on “Master The Hair Tutorials By Perfecting Your Hair With HASK Greek Yogurt

  1. thesecretlifeofanactress says:

    I didn’t know greek yogurt was good for hair. I’m gonna check those products they look nice!

    • She Is Melrose says:

      Girl,that is a great question I searched and searched on their website to give you an answer and saw nothing. However, it is Greek yogurt, so I guess no. If you look at Hask Hair they have different treatments I believe the fig and honey will work wonders on your hair.

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