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When I first heard the word probiotics, it was in one of the first ” Danon Activia Yogurt” commercials. The ad featured actress/ comedian Jamie Lee Curtis. During the commercial, I remember listening to the high number of people dealing with digestive issues.  When I heard 87% people is the statistics of individuals dealing with the digestive issues; my eyes grew wide at the television screen. Wondering how can a yogurt in a small hunter green container, cure your digestive system with simply having probiotics added.   I did what any teenager at the time will do, I googled, ” What is the definition of probiotic ?”

Probiotics in simple terms is a product containing live microorganisms similar to bacteria and yeast. If you will like an example of how it works other than trying to remember the Danon Activia commercial think about when you’re sick. Doctors can prescribe antibiotics to make you feel better. However, your digestive system might be thrown off balance and taking probiotics will help you gain that balance back.

You’re probably wondering ok so probiotics found in yogurt, in reality, is something that will assist you (in the nicest way to word it ) to poop. Well, the answer is yes, but why is something known for regulating our stomach is now being use to treat skin issues.


In our day in age no matter how much we recycle, sadly were still living in the polluted air. Another negative fact is washing our hands in unfiltered water were not sure what dirt we’re allowing our skin to intake (although we think we are cleaning ourselves). The harmful bacteria might result in acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems.

Like the Danon Activia yogurt, the probiotics helps restore balance to the skin. The way probiotics do it is within time; its good bacteria cancels out the bad-guy bacteria. Probiotic is your favorite superhero saving the day to get you flawless skin.

Finding out the superhero-probiotic is now the latest trend in skincare. I’m super anxious trying out the Colombia skin care line including the ingredient. Usually, I’m wary about dishing out my money to anything that is not a skin care essential. Checking off cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen and any repair or anti-aging product added the vitamins you truly need. The vitamins we need are Vitamin A and C and other antioxidants. Of course, keep in mind products even with the essential vitamins, it doesn’t hold the peter pan key to stay forever young. So when I see a skin care product swearing it will do all the wonders I’ve been looking for in years I get a bit skeptical.

Tossing my worries down the drain, I’m intrigued to try the market latest trend and see if it was worthy to take part in the essential skin care list. I tried the Columbia Skin care’s Probiotic Complex Cream and the Columbia Skin care’s Probiotic Concentrate Serum for about a week and a half to give an honest review.

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To my surprise researching more about the product, probiotic is not the only star ingredient. Another great ingredient for skincare is amino acids. Amino acids have a proven track record of keeping the skin smooth. Also high in increasing elasticity and nails and hair healthy. Having the amino acids listed in the product, felt like a bonus.

Understanding my increase of makeup usage is not the only cause of my acne prone skin. I want the probiotic superhero to become the answer I’ve been looking for years. After a week routine of washing my face at night with an oil-free cleanser. I applied the concentrate before going to sleep. In the morning, I used the complex, after washing my face and before putting on my make-up. When the week was up, I decided to sparingly use both products in the day and the morning. I guess I was impatient not seeing results fast enough.

The result?

My face is now smoother than my one-year-old godson behind. I even felt a tightness around my cheekbones and forehead. However, I still see pimples popping up here and there. I believe it’s due the greasy residue from the complex. Testing out products in the past I know how super sensitive my skin is especially for having combination/oily skin. I try to stay away from anything that has alcohol, or it dries it out  my skin. Any product with a greasy residue usually breaks me out. However, because of the other improvements on my skin, I’m willing to continue using the product for more than just couple weeks. Especially since it was minor pimples popping up and not a full face that will make me stop it entirely.

*If you will like to try the Columbia SkinCare’s Probiotic products, they are available on the company’s website. As a gift to al my readers if you decide to purchase either probiotic product you receive a $38 value moisturizing cream free. All you have to do is enter my special code: ProbioticGift at checkout.



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    How interesting! I’ve taken probiotic pills for my stomach for over a year now and it’s made a big difference, but I’ve never heard of them in skin care!

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