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Tophatter’s Casual Cherry Blossom Mini Party Dress

Whether you’re a fashionista balling on a budget or looking for a hidden gem you probably bid at an online auction before.I know I have a couple of times on Ebay. I usually bid on Ebay by clicking on the drop down menu and select on price shipping: lowest first. Then I wait around for an email to track my bids. I found a new website that has a new shopping bidding experience; the name of the site is Tophatter.

Tophatter’s shopping experience is similar to the adrenaline rush you get at a live auction without the announcer speaking so fast you can’t keep up. The speed is super fast with people bidding about every second with live events. Not only do people offer every second, but you will also know within minutes if you won the item. For every auction it shows the first name of the individual bidding and how much is the bid going for. If you are the last one to bid they will ask twice if anyone else will like to offer up. Once the auction is done, it will announce who the winner and the winner will have twenty-four hours to buy it. Also if you bid by mistake, you can report it to the help center.

With live events starting at only $1, I thought what the heck is worth a try. I logged on to the site (is also an app if you have a smartphone)and took some time to browse around. The buy now categories include the following:

I checked out some of the items in the clothing section, and it showcases fun printed tees, cute flirty dresses, and sexy lingerie. The buy now items seem tempting, but I did want to experience the live events the site is known for. After bidding a small about of $10, I was the lucky winner of a casual cherry blossom mini party dress.



The dress arrived in a week it was wrapped in a plastic cover. I ripped the plastic open excited to try on my prize. Lifting up the dress, I said to myself, luckily I’m 5’4 because this dress is short. I ordered it in one/size, so I didn’t know what to expect. The form of the dress was loose which is exactly what I wanted. On the other hand, the fabric was dangerously see-through. I do wish these details were on the site details before bidding because I would probably found a better quality dress.

However, like the cold shoulder and the print so to reduce how to see through it was I decided to layer it with a slip underneath. I also layered with white stockings to not just do the typical and wear all black. At the end of the day, the dress grew on me, and I started to think of different ways to wear it again.

If you want to try Tophatter for yourself, just click here and you will receive a $10 buyer credit that can apply to your first purchase of $11 or more. I believe Tophatter is worth a try. To think about it, your first bid can come out to a total of $1.

*Disclaimer this post is sponsored all opinions are my own


6 thoughts on “Tophatter’s Casual Cherry Blossom Mini Party Dress

  1. followmygut2014 says:

    A shopping experience similar to an auction where I can get clothes at a price I want, WITHOUT the fast tongued moderator is totally up my alley! I love this dress on you and think you paired it so perfectly. Your style is so damn cool and I wish I could pull it off. Until i finally can, I have no problem living vicariously through yours <3

    Danielle | =]

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