Girl Mob Styling & Profiling Event- A Clothing Swap & Donation

Ever felt like you can’t relate to commercial magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue?  While reading articles like “what to wear” and “how to act” my most often thought is GIRL STOP!  After reading dehumanizing articles like that, I look in the mirror with my short stature and natural curls and it reminds me why I gave up on finding any resemblance of myself in those magazines. Thankfully, there is a digital publication called the Girl Mob to save the day.  The Girl Mob is a group of NYC living women of color who embrace their culture and do so much to help others.

I happened to meet the Girl Mob group last year during the Afro-punk festival. (Afro-punk is an annual arts festival sought to give people of color an opportunity to build community among the predominantly white punk subcultures). I immediately felt a strong spiritual connection with these women who look like me and were doing what I love.   I felt like meeting them was fate and a clear sign to not give up on my dreams in pursuing journalism.   The founder of Girl Mob, Yardi Blanco, told me that there were always events happening and if I wanted to attend any I could sign up for their newsletter….  I did so immediately!

I have attended a few Girl Mob events, but the most recent were my favorite.  It was the best spring cleaning I have ever done because the 30 girls who attended had to bring a bag full of clothes they no longer wear (or have never worn). Members of the Girl Mob selected clothes and accessories to display on two clothing racks and tables.  After an hour of networking, drinking and listening to music, the owner announced that we could pull what we liked from the array.  All the attendees looked at each other in disbelief and slowly approached the displays and picked items we liked.

I didn’t expect much, but to my surprise, I liked more than a couple of things!  I got hooked up with the following:

  • Baby pink fur vest,
  • An Aztec print maxi dress
  • Bright purple trousers
  • A daisy print high-waisted skirt
  • A large silver ring

Not only did we get to swap clothing, but afterward the members packed up 10 bags. The bags were donated to a center for homeless women.  My heart swelled and I held back tears of joy as could relate to being raised in a shelter for a short period in my life. Having something like this means so much when you have so little.  As a young adult, I felt an immense gratitude to be able to give back and help others in any way.

The Girl Mob definitely practices what they preach! Not only did they donate to Tillary Street Women’s Shelter, they have future events promoting positivity for girls embracing their natural curls.  The event is using the proceeds of that event to go to another shelter,  Can you say GIRL POWER?!  I can’t wait to see what else this group of powerful inspiring women has in store for the future.

If you wouldl like to read any Girl Mob publications click here.

If you want to R.S.V.P. to any future events click here.


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  1. Emily Lauren says:

    That daisy skirt is so cute! I love the idea of swapping clothes, it helps everyone save money and its so great that everything left over was donated at the end of the day.

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