LIFEWTR Is The Inspiration Boost Every Lifestyle Blogger Needs

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Lifestyle blogging these days might seem confusing to those who think it’s just another personal blog.  On the contrary, it’s more like how a girlfriend differentiates to a wife or a table to a chair.  A personal blog is simply not a lifestyle blog.  Although many people think of it as a general style of blogging,  I see it as a side hustle and not a diary.

In the blogging world (or even the vlogging world) you need to know your niche. Figuring your niche is important to grow as a brand, so it doesn’t seem like an ordinary online diary.  I outgrew my previous vocation as solely a fashion blogger.  When I started blogging, I only focused on fashion and style. I  felt limited in collaborations with other bloggers and companies.  I received various items in the mail such as makeup products, essential oils and even metabolism powder.  Getting these things was so great and I found myself coming up with ways to format them to my readers, while finding myself straying away from style posts.  That was when I knew My blog became bigger than me. 

Starting to check beauty related products and showcasing the different events I’ve attended, have shown me that has become more than just clothes.  I have branched out to promoting positivity, giving honest reviews, and allowing my viewers the feeling of being at events with me, all while still incorporating style posts from time to time.  My blog is directed at all things beauty inside and out and I’m happy I get to experience this path.  The road to finding a new niche where I don’t feel so limited.

While discovering my new niche, I stayed up countless nights trying to figure out which direction to go in.  I was sleep deprived mainly due to wanting to be unique and not just another blogger who gives up after her blogiversary (blogiversery is a blogger anniversary).  I  know I had to fight this blogging statistic.  Reading various self-help books and linking back to my blog, I learned that there had to be something bigger than me to keep rooted.  My advice for any lifestyle blogger is to dig deep into who you are. Establish your goals and what you want to project and afterward watch your posts blossom.

Setting a broad genre for yourself could be daunting. You can easily lose track, and that is why I surround myself with things that inspire me.  Surrounding myself in nature (i.e., the park) or the simplicity of candles in my room are some examples of inspiring things. I also try to center what matters most in my life to help avoid burning out.  As cliché as it sounds, you have to take care of yourself.  The key to taking care of yourself is calming your mind and receiving proper nourishment to your body.  Water is an essential because it keeps your creative juices flowing. LIFEWTR knows the importance to creatives like us; they often collaborate with different artists to customize the packaging of their bottles. The electrolytes in the water can boost your energy and make inspiration easier to come by; something every lifestyle blogger needs!

*Disclaimer I received LIFEWTR complimentary from Influenster, but all opinions are my own

6 thoughts on “LIFEWTR Is The Inspiration Boost Every Lifestyle Blogger Needs

  1. lamamahada says:

    That face painting tho! LOVE. I agree with everything you’re saying! I can’t wait to get back into blogging & vlogging – theres nothing like being able to spread your light to the world! Keep killing it babe.

  2. Ewa says:

    I recently started as a food blog but I feel that in the future I will want to do it a little bit and write about something else. Thanks for the advice.

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