Finesse Your Natural Curls to the Trendy Festival Beach Waves Look

Coachella has ended, but it doesn’t mean the festival season is over completely!  As a matter of fact, we’re only in the month of April, so the festival season has just begun.  With that said, I gave one of the most trendy festival hairstyles a try: BEACH WAVES. Let me guide you on how to transform your naturally curly hair to beach waves.


As a natural curlista, my hair gets tangled very easily if I don’t comb it out every day. Before trying out the tousled wave look, I had to restore and repair my hair with Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner. I chose this shampoo and conditioner because it’s jam-packed with proteins.  Protein is essential for any healthy hair, so I always check my hair care products to see if it is listed in the ingredients.  Using protein while heating the hair helps penetrate it from root to tip; perfect for the beach wave hairstyle.

I trust the Finesse brand because I remembered my mom used it on my hair as a little girl.  To this day it makes my hair softer. Also, the smell is clean yet subtle and not the overpowering flowery fragrances other hair care products often use. When I  notice Finesse at my local Walgreen store, I saw how affordable it was and told myself  “why not give it a try?”. I’m going to Florida soon in efforts to catch some real beach waves, and I’m” balling “on a budget.

After I used Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner the products made it easy for me to run my fingers through my hair. The newfound texture in my hair made it easy for me to prep for the beach wave hairstyle. I also like adding a deep conditioner to my hair just to help it make it more manageable throughout the week. I used Eva NYC Hair Mask, which has Argan Oil. The oil is perfect for that subtle shine. After that, I gathered my black comb, hair clip, and Remington “Wet To Straight” flat-iron. 

Now ready to start my styling process, I separated my hair into two sections. (You can also divide your hair into four sections if you want.) After separating my hair, I heated up my flat-iron to 300. You don’t want the temperature of your flat iron too high or your curls will be more defined than wavy. I Flat ironed each section of my hair from the root and made my way down by bending the ends of my hair. This is an easy trick if you don’t want your split hairs to be noticeable.

u part wigs

u part wigs

After my natural curls had turned straight, I grabbed my curling iron to create the beach wave effect. The key to this hairstyle is not to use the clamp of your curler. Think of the clamp as invisible (if you have a curler without a clamp even better). I set mine to 380, again you don’t want to heat the curler all the way to the last setting. I took a section of my hair and rolled it around my curler for 20 -30 seconds. Keep repeating this step until you have a head full of waves.

After your done creating the waves is time to add some volume or your waves will remain flat. Grab a dry hairspray, a dry shampoo or conditioner would work well too. I used Living Proof Dry Hairspray. You want to spray 10 inches away in between each section. After you’re done spraying, flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair. Viola! You have transformed your natural curls into beautiful beach waves.


I received this item complimentary from Brand Backer all opinions are my own.

See Full Step By Step Video Below

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