Kenra Hairspray: “Flashback Friday” Styles You Always Wanted Now!

Ever had a “Flashback Friday” photo of you and your mom and wondered how you would look rocking that hairstyle today? I know we all secretly have, so I decided to take a blast to the past with various hairstyles I’ve always wanted to try. Enjoy the hairstyles throughout the decades using the Kenra hairspray collection.

The Roaring 20’s

The decade of the flapper. Flappers were well known for their “don’t-care” attitudes. They gave up long dresses and skirts for shorter more revealing attire. They often put their make-up on in public places (this was usually done at home). Flappers created the female trend of smoking cigarettes publicly. It was well known before this era that it was unladylike for a woman to smoke. Female tobacco use in this age was a stance for independence and gender equality. The same sense of freedom reflected on the styling of their hair as well. When it comes to 20’s hairstyles for women, opt out of the Victorian “Gibson girl” look which was a soft poufy up-do and settles for bobbed hair or a slick back look.

To complete the slick back look I used Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13. I used this spray for this look because it’s  fast-drying and finishes with a high shine. It also has a brush-through hold which makes it easy to lay down my hair and curling the strands on my face.

The Swinging 60’s
When John F. Kennedy took presidential office, he wasn’t the only one landing pages in the magazines. The first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had elegant style that won her a place on the best-dressed list among famous women in the cinema. Her bouffant hairstyle stood out from the rest of the females on the best-dressed list.  Shortly afterwards, women requested the bouffant look in salons everywhere.
To help create this look, women often used large rollers or even soda cans to create an elevated bump in the center of their heads. The next step is rounding out the bump to create an illusion of fullness to the top of the hair. The ends of the hair were usually flipped up. I used Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30 which is ideal for the bouffant hairstyle because it will hold it in place with a long-lasting, ultra-firm hold.

The Groovy 70 ‘s

In western culture, television became an obsession. Many television stars influenced the look of the decade. When one of the most famous shows of the 70’s era “Charlies Angels” aired on television, Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle is what caught the audience’s attention. Her flipped hair was a refreshing break from the up-do hairstyles in previous decades.
A hairdryer made for this look at the time its name is Lady Schick Speed Style. The hair styling tool had a built-in brush complete with a misting hairspray inside. The package even came with detachable combs, I guess it was an all in one package deal.

Since I didn’t have the Lady Schick Speed Style, I opt out for a flat-iron, curling iron, and Kenra hairspray to become the fourth member of the Charlies Angel. The easy to travel Kenra Volume Spray 25 is ideal for this look. The great features include a super hold up to 120 hours and a 24-hour high humidity resistance.

The Totally Cool 80’s

During the 80’s, the bigger the hair the better! Perming your hair was all the rage to get wild full curls. If you had natural curls, even better! However, using perms consistently can cause your hair some serious damage. If your hair is not naturally curly, you can use small rollers or a skinny curling iron to create a head full of curls.

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The overall look is to create an illusion of not putting so much effort into hairstyling  (even if you stood up all night trying to curl your hair).  Keeping your hair conditioned and using Kenra  Platinum HiDEF Hairspray 16 is the way to go. The Kenra  Platinum HiDEF Hairspray 16  is suitable for this look with its power to control and set texture. An essential ingredient for a great looking hold on “undone” hairstyles.

The Slammin’ 90’s

Chokers, Bandanas, and good ole’ dark lip trends have come back into our era! Why not complete the look of the smooth 90’s hairstyle “space buns” or how I like to call them the “Miley Cyrus” buns. I have officially adopted this hairstyle to my repertoire of hair looks for the weekends.

Space buns are extremely easy to do. Just split your hair in two, to make it more 90’s make a zigzag part in the middle.  Gather each section into two ponytails. After you make two ponytails, wrap them into a puffed bun on each side and viola! you have space buns! To make sure this slammin’ look stays in place, the best Kenra hairspray to use is  Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26. It has all-day style retention. My personal favorite perk about this Kenra hairspray is that it is non-flaking and non-drying.

 *This post is sponsored by Brandbacker but all opinions are my own.

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