Hot Sox : The Essential Guide To Pulling Off Art Inspired Statement Socks


Instead of getting tattoos of your favorite painting, you can skip the pain and price with Hot Sox wearable art series…

As an NYC native, attending museums became second nature to me when I was growing up. I remember being one of the few students in elementary school taking long pauses wondering why the artist used a special paint or color. While other kids shrugged off museum lectures, I remember taking as many notes as I could. Art has always been a huge inspiration to me in my writing, the way I dress and in my own personal paintings. Getting to wear a work of art is a spectacular way to pay homage.

Hot Sox

The brand itself is native of New York City and launched in 1971. The original inspiration for this brand was actually hot pants and after that, the novelty sock collection was born.  The 70’s disco era has ended, but fun fashion is still very much  “staying alive” ( a 70’s hit song by the Bee Gees). I favor the brand’s art series. It is a recreation of some of the most well-known masterpieces that I can easily style into my chaotic wardrobe.


Wearing sandals and socks doesn’t have to be boring. Please cut the gross image of a pair of white socks with a ninja turtle like thong strap in the middle of the flip-flop right out of your mind. We have come a long way with this style and it is one of my personal favorites. This style is perfect for a chill day of running errands or hanging out at a friends barbecue.

The way I took the sandal with socks look forward is by rocking Rihanna Puma Fenty Fur slides with my Hot Sox. It’s a style upgrade to the thong strap sandal or flip flop. I paired Hot Sox’s Starry Night (masterpiece created by Vincent Van Gough) with a black fitted jersey dress. To complete the casually chic look, I added a hot pink turban and after that I was ready to go!


Personally, I like to wear statement socks with heels more in the winter time. This style is just a great way to get used out of your open toe pumps, all while staying warm. It took me until last year to build up the guts to rock this trend. I always had my mother’s voice in my ear saying “Socks and heels don’t make sense.”  Once I discovered how comfortable it made me feel, it has been extremely hard to go back. Even on summer days, I don’t mind layering my socks with heels. It takes a bit of pain out of the equation so you can strut you stuff throughout the day. This look is great for an art exhibition!

The way I rocked the sock and heel trend was by wearing high block heels with a peep toe opening with The Hot Sox’s Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci socks. I matched the warm hues from the socks back to my outfit. The art girl ensemble wouldn’t have been complete without clear hipster-like glasses.


You can make the boots look feel less cold weather with novelty socks! Whether it is a knee-length or a low boot, that pop of color will be great to show on brighter days. I paired the Nefertiti sock with a gold studded leather boot. I picked out the gold studded boot to pay homage to ancient Egypt and how much they value gold. The Nefertiti image is actually known to be painted on a bust.
The bust goes back all the way back to   1345 B.C.and was done by the sculptor Thutmose. Out of all the socks in Hot Sox’s art series, this one is by far my favorite. I paired my favorite socks with a tawny zippered leather skirt and a neon green arrow printed sweater.

On It’s Own

If you’re just in the mood to Netflix and chill solo in the nude or do some yoga, that is your prerogative. Just saying you might want to keep your feet comfy and warm while you’re at it! I believe the Birth of Venus’s Hot Sox fits whatever your heart desires like a dream.  I love the story of Venus whom in Greek Mythology is known as Aphrodite. No style tips here, just slip the cute socks on and you’re all set!

How would you style your Hot Sox?

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