Beauty Con 2017 Recap and Giveaway

“You don’t need lipstick; lipstick needs you.”

Beauty Junkies United in Brooklyn for Beauty Con 2017. Whether a beauty addict comes for the following:

  • giveaways
  • beauty vloggers/bloggers
  •  celebrities,
  • high-quality makeup/merchandise
  • tutorials

Beauty Con is an event that is worth experiencing at least once. Is my second time around at this makeup obsessed event and it’s a true rollercoaster ride. Upon arriving at the  Brooklyn Cruise Terminal,  the first thing that caught my eye is three slate gray unicorn statues decorated with graffiti.  I circled the statues, and the excitement had me jittery.  Reaching my phone, I check to see where my friends and god-daughter are. I realized right away the words “no service” on my phone screen. I thought to myself “oh shit.” It took me about ten minutes to find them among the crowd, and I was so happy I did.

As we try to figure out which stand to go to first, we heard a bunch of girls shrieking in the crowd. As I look to see what the fuss is about, I saw the beautiful Gabrielle Union. Immediately I looked at my camera and ran. Shuffling my way in front of the crowd to get a good shot.  Gabrielle Union talk of her new hair care lined appropriately called “Flawless.” She explained her hair struggles and what her product can do for women with textured hair. I found the Flawless booth about an hour later and snagged some of the samples. My favorite so far is her edge control gel.  The edge control gel is lightweight and non-flaky. It also doesn’t leave your hair stiff which makes it easy to brush.

Check Video Below To See The Giveaway Prize

After fangirling, my friends and I decided to get the most out of it and search for giveaways. Each booth we approached we had to follow the brand page on Instagram. I’ve experienced the following for freebie strategy because I went last year and understood the concept. However, as I stated earlier, I had no service.

I tried to connect to the wi-fi, and it wasn’t connecting. I knew I couldn’t be the only one so I asked my friends if their wi-fi was working. They told me no. We announce our fail connection with the wifi to the each brand section. We couldn’t connect, and if there something else we can do. Some booths said, no; others told me you could go outside get service and then come back. Which was both frustrating. My friends and I made our way to another party of the festival hoping we have a better experience.

Custom backdrops DIY backgrounds for picturesOnce we made our way through many silver garlands, we checked out the second area of Beauty Con 2017. We stop by the Clarins booth, and they gave us a popsicle and a lip moisturizing oil, they also had a cute ” popsicle truck, ” and I was all about the summer vibes. The second are was not caring about the selfies frenzy. They care more about just taking a picture of their booth and tagging them. They said we could post it later if it to much of hassle. The booths that highlighted my day was the Maybelline booth nd the Pretty Little Things section. Both areas made the festival experience memorable.

For the Maybelline booth, the theme is New York City and figuring out our style. My friends and I be redeemed a “Maybelline metro card, questionnaire” and we questionnaire to win a palette that will match our personal New York Style.The first stop was getting a  quick art of you done by an illustrator.  Then you got to take a photo shoot if you lie while spray painting your name. The coolest part they made your name chain. The difference is it was your initials. My necklace reads  Mel love NYC. Some Beauty Con 2017 attendees even had a chance to meet beauty vlogger Alyssa Jay.

For the Pretty Little Liars booth, we got a PLT swag bag. The swag bag included an article of the store clothing, a 50$ gift card. The next stop is to spin a wheel to win another freebie. I earned a bathing suit to redeemed on the website. After that, they had a super cute photo area with professional photographers. The photographers were directing my friend and me how to pose while we swung on swings surrounding faux flowers. The last stop is a small area in which yu can take your selfie in front of a glamorous vanity set including a clothing rack with their top sellers.

As I wanted to share my experience with you here is a giveaway with goodies you will drool.

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