Vanity Planet Is A Must Have In My 10 Step Daily Beauty Routine

I used to walk out the house with an eyeliner and some foundation and called it a day. Now that I got the hang of using makeup on a daily basis, my makeup routine has more than two steps. I believe my daily makeup routine will look perfect for work or a girls night out. Think about the makeup “no makeup” look with a twist.

First thing first you will need a good quality brush set that will help your makeup look flawless. I swear by Vanity Planet’s “Palette Professional Makeup Brush Set.” It’s not only great if you been applying makeup for years or you’re a beginner trying to figure what the purpose of each brush. In fact, when I started applying makeup I was freaking clueless; Luckily this brush set makes it easy for everyone. The 15 piece brush set has a label on each one. For example, if you’re trying to figure out which brush to use to conceal under your eyes it simply has a brush that reads concealer brush. It makes the process super easy and I’m a big fan of the soft bristles.

Check the video below to see my friend Sharlene Correa help me with my daily beauty routine.

  •  Step 1: Foundation

I like using Makeup Forever HD  Liquid Foundation because is the queen of all foundations in my opinion. It lasts all day without making my skin looks oily. I also admire how two drops of this foundation are good enough to cover your whole face if you want to.I use Vanity Planet Liquid Foundation to conceal all my blemishes, and it works like a charm.

  • Step 2: Concealer

“The bags under my eyes is Chanel.” Every makeup lover is guilty of putting this in their Instagram caption. To help conceal my designer bags, I use the very affordable L.A Girl Pro Concealer.Like my foundation, it is a high definition which  I highly recommend for every selfie addict. Think of a soft look without appearing too cakey.  Another great benefit is it hides every crinkle or crease even with a Hi-def camera.

  • Step 3: Set

For an even look, the key is to set and blend. Continuing my love for high definition makeup, I use Absolute’s high definition setting powder. To set the powder, I use Vanity Planet powder brush. To help blend the concealer, foundation and setting powder, I use the flat top stippling brush.

  • Step 4: Contour

I use the contour palette by Absolute New York. Although, is not my favorite is perfect for a backup and when you’re balling on a budget. The whole point of contouring is creating shadows to help define your features. I use the palette underneath my cheekbones, along with my hairline and jawline. Always use a brown shade darker than your skin tone.

  • Step 5: Eyebrows

I use a black shade in the Ga-de palette for the reason that the Vanity Planet classic ten palette is only neutral tones.  I use the rounded liner brush to help fill in the brows evenly. I believe using a  black eyeshadow is a quick and easy way to fill your brows.

  • Step 6: Eyeshadow

Using multiple shades in  Vanity Planet Classic 10 palette used three different brushes. The first brush I use is the medium blender brush to help mix multiple shades together. The second brush I use is the crease brush to apply a semi-dark shade to the crease of the eyelid. Lastly, I use the smudge brush to create a subtle smokey eye effect.

  • Step 7: Highlight Brows

To make brows look more defined is great to highlight them. I use the precision concealer brush. I pick the pink shimmery shade in the Vanity Planet Classic 10 palette. Just place the powder on the top of the brow and the bottom of the brow.

  • Step 8: Eyeliner 

I use the pencil eyeliner that came inside the Vanity Planet Classic 10 palette. The black pencil is easy to line my eyelids and help my eyeshadow pop. The line is extended to the tip of my smokey, but you can make the line shorter if you like.

  • Step 9: Mascara

Although I have naturally long mink  lashes, I still like to lengthen them and make them appear fuller. I use the Smashbox X-rated in rich black. What I love about this mascara you don’t have to double dip. You will see the change in just one swipe.

  • Step 10: Lipstick

The final step is lipstick. I use Revlon in naughty plum and I’m obsessed with this color.  I use the lip pencil in the kit. What I like about this pencil is has a cover to not help smudge the lipstick on your bag etc.

My key items for the everyday look is Vanity Planet’s makeup brush set and neutral  tone palette.

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