Dustin Lujan MALE MUA: As Featured in La La Mode Rue

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Dustin Lujan

Fashionista Alert! New York Fashion Week is a few months away.  I’m here flipping out as much as you are. Allow me to embrace my favorite trend on the rise: Male makeup gurus. Men are taking over the beauty scene, and I love it. From Manny Guitierrez to Bretman Rock, it is great to see men take on the latest must-haves and spinning it. My ultimate favorite male guru by far is one of the most experienced makeup artists in the beauty scene, Dustin Lujan. His experience of creating beautiful faces began before it started being a huge hit in the Youtube scene. He is being featured in an upcoming fashion and beauty publication entitled La La Mode Rue. The book will be written by author and lifestyle coach, Lori Snyder. CPC, ELI-MP  and creative production will be overseen by Chris Victor of Victor Film Productions.

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If you’re wondering where you might know Dustin Lujan from, it might be from his earlier years of working with Miss America and Miss Teen America pageants. His practice of work became well-known especially on our unforgiving high-definition television that is where his story began to unfold.
After creating a name in the beauty pageants industry, his next gig is what made him a household name. The beauty pageants felt like a fast forward version of America Next Top Model. Dustin Lujan was in and out making many beautiful faces and understanding the theme and the likes of what each contestant wanted. After a few rounds, he became more and more excited with what should be the final look. He always tries to make sure each look is better than the last. After that, his practice just felt like another day of finalizing a masterpiece on a blank canvas. People picked up on his talent and eventually traveling the world, hence the household name.

Image result for dustin lujanSince becoming a household name, I’d admire his work in magazines you love to read such as, In Style, Marie Claire, and More magazine. What I admire most about Dustin is his great passion for teaching women to bring their inner beauty out. He highlights their best features and makes sure each woman he ever worked with feels her best. He believes women themselves are a work of art.

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I think his message can reach out to many millennial male beauty gurus on the rise. As well as for women who are mastering the ever-changing makeup tricks. I firmly believe his experience and charisma has a lot to give in the beauty world which is constantly emerging. Seriously, I cannot wait until The La La Mode Rue book is launch.I can’t even explain the excitement,  to see what else is in stores for Dustin.

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