Green Tree Jewelry: Secure These Beautiful Earrings For Your Summer Wardrobe

What I like about dressing up for the summer is breaking out of my neutral-toned wardrobe. During the colder season, I tend to stray away from anything colorful,  jewelry included. If I do wear anything in a brighter hue, I feel as I’m forcing myself to dress differently. While during the summer I gravitate towards the season picturesque setting, and it reflects in my day-to-day wear. My favorite colorful item to help match the summer vibes is earrings. I carefully chose three beautiful earrings you need to secure for your summer wardrobe.

 The first pair is Ocean Pearl Earrings  I admire the unique shape of these earrings and I never actually saw anything like them. I feel like the earrings are definitely out of my comfort zone. However, I like the tone down feel the earrings give for any outfit I style with them. I tend to wear my gray dress only for more fancy events but the earrings gave it more of a chill edge, and I like the fact that I got to wear it for a casual setting. It a plus for me if I can wear a fancy dress more than once. (Just a side note if you do get these earrings it will hard not to play with them. The blue circle waves in the middle will twirl around as much as you let them.)

The second pair is Pineapple Earrings.  Every time I rock these I crave a pineapple mix drink from Coney Island boardwalk. The pineapple print lifts up my spirit even on a rainy summer day. My favorite part is the earrings are super lightweight. Not heavy at all like a real pineapple. I paired these playful with earrings with a black and white stripe cropped shirt. I also wore it again with a denim dress, there so many ways you can wear this funky print.


The last pair is by far all my friends favorite. It is Profile Sugar Skull Earrings. As you may know, the sugar skull is a traditional folk art from Southern Mexico used to celebrate Day of the Dead. I’ve become a fan of sugar skulls due to my favorite artist Frida Khalo.  Not only is she Mexican, similar to the sugar skull Frida used many colors in her artwork all honoring her weakness and strength. When I wear them, I feel in some way I’m honoring her and her heritage. The colors of the sugar skulls are also great to brighten up any wardrobe.
As I stated in a  former post. Green Tree Jewelry is U.S.A Made laser cut wood earrings. Laser cutting allows a digital design to be placed on a material and later on it melts, burns or vaporizes and leaves the product with a high-quality finish.
If you will love to buy any of the three beautiful laser-cut earrings,  head to Green Tree Jewelry and use my code: Blog20 for 20%off purchase.
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