How To Achieve A Glamorous Messy Boho Braided Wrap With Hask Hair

A few weeks ago I attended a blogging mixer at New York  City’s secret social restaurant, “The Parlor.” My friend Kevin Shahroozi (a high-end fashion designer)  extended out his invitation to me.  I panicked, my hair is dirty with excess oils from various beauty products. I wondered, “How can I pull this off in just a couple of hours.” Luckily for me, I opened up my beauty cabinet and heard an angel choir singing “ahh.” My answer appears right in front of my eyes, Hask Hair dry shampoos.

Running short on time, I shuffled through various hangers in my closet and picked a gold sequin mini dress. I held out the dress, and stare at my full-length mirror. The dress is a perfect match for the up-do glam boho style. I walked over to my bathroom and started to style my hair.

The first thing I do is part my hair down the middle. Then on the left side, I separated the strands of my hair into three sections. I braided my hair halfway leaving enough room to add extensions in the bottom. As I finish braiding my hair halfway on the left side, I repeat the same process on the right side of my hair. Using Hask Hair Monoi Coconut Dry Shampoo,  I spray it from a distance onto my hair.

All dry shampoos will leave a white stain if you get too close. Please be careful with how you spray your hair before you look like frosty the snowman. On a lighter note, the coconut smell is refreshing and it felt incredibly lightweight on my hair. The dry shampoo includes a rice starch ingredient which helps absorb the excess oils in my hair. The dry shampoo immediately transforms my hair, making it more manageable.

Now that I set my hair for the next step, I grabbed my pieces of extensions. I decide to add the extensions to the bottom of my hair because it will help make my hair appear fuller for the messy boho wrap hairstyle. I recommend adding extensions to anyone who has short or medium length hair, but it is not required. The extensions I use is a wet wavy style similar to my natural curls. The extensions were previously dip-dyed to match the highlights I have in my hair. Unfourtnetly, the extensions itself is not a clip on, and I didn’t have time to sew it in. Due to the shortness of time, I placed the extension in my hair with bobby pins.

After the extensions snug semi-tightly to my natural hair, I braided them. Once I finish braiding my extensions, I held down my baby hairs with Layrite Wax . After my edges were all held down, I crossed my braids over on each end and pinned them down. To keep my look fresh for the night, I spray Hask Hair Purifying Charcoal Dry Shampoo. I use this dry shampoo because it is excellent for the summer heat. Not only does it soak up excess oil it soaks up sweat leaving my hair feeling like it’s been wash already. To add the glamorous effect to the messy boho braided style, I use a gold leaf fabric trim. I took a look at the mirror and felt as my look resemble the golden goddess snap chat filter, and I love it!

Many people at the blogger mixer complimented on my look. They kept asking me if I can share my hair styling tips. Luckily for me, I did a  full styling session right before I left for the event. You may look at it below:

If you want to buy the Monoi Coconut and the Charcoal Purifying dry shampoos you can get them for only $7.99 at Ulta.

Hask Hair

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