My Wonderful 2 Year Blogiversary Brunch (+ Pretty Mina D. Jewelry)

I woke up groggy, spreading out my right hand looking for my phone.  Once I found my phone, I saw on my cell phone screen a notification from WordPress. WordPress is my blogging platform, and they wished me happy two-year Blogiversery. My grogginess immediately went away, and the excitement made me get out of my bed and jump for joy. Two whole years I thought to myself, wow look at what I’ve accomplished. Although I reached the two-year mark, I feel as I’m still in the begging steps of my journey.  I decided before I focus on continuing working hard I celebrated with a blogger brunch.

It wouldn’t be my first time hosting a blogger brunch. Last year for my first Blogiversary I cooked at the comfort of my home and invited bloggers I know to help celebrate. I discuss how surreal my journey has been from facing a horrible college experience. My professor at the time told me, your grammar is terrible. She firmly believes English was my second language.

Earrings and Necklace from Mina. D. Jewelry

Trying to follow my teacher harsh criticism, I gave up on my dreams of becoming a fashion writer. Working various jobs in the fashion/ textile industry, I found my love for writing again. I promised myself not to let anyone ever put me in that place again. Regaining my love for what I do I taught blogger on my spare time. Now all my hard work is being recognized in an up coming fashion publication called, “La La Mode Rue.”

Bracelets from Mina D. Jewelry

Along with having a feature in the book I had an incredible opportunity to interview with talented jewelry designer Mina Deutsch. Mina Deutsch owns an amazing jewelry line called Mina D. Jewelry. To help commend my Blogiversery, I dressed my self in her semi precious amethyst stones. I adore the double stack bracelets detail with gold and silver ball. Now I set out what to wear for my celebration the next step was to figure out a place.


This year I decided to leave the cooking at home for another day and join New York’s Sunday bottomless brunch trend. Continuing the brunch tradition, I decided to things this year different. Instead of inviting bloggers as I did last year, this year I sent my invitations to those who are behind the scenes. The ones who are behind the scenes are my friends, who are constantly helping me with my blogging success. Whether it is photo shoots, editing my posts or helping me network. These women help my blog come to what it is today.

Chicken and Waffles

I decided to search on Yelp best Brooklyn Brunch spots. I decided to go with Sweet Brooklyn Bar and Grill. Not only were the reviews great the food on the menu made my mouth water.  I already set my heart on ordering the bourbon French toast. However, when I arrived at the restaurant, the waitress told me the Kitchen ran out of my desired dish. I browsed through the soulful menu and decided to settle with my brunch favorite chicken and waffles; it did not disappoint. I admire the decor of the restaurant, and the service from the bartender was excellent. I see Sweet Brooklyn Bar and grill becoming my new go-to spot. Now all I have to think about is how to celebrate next year.

Bartender Of Sweet Brooklyn Bar And Grill

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