ITCosmetics ExhibIT Is NYC’s Remarkable Beauty Playground


Move over Clinique there a new player in town for mixing skin care ingredients in your wearable makeup. The name is ITCosmetics, and it’s what my skin been craving for. I went to the brand’s exhibit in New York City a few weeks ago, and I  felt wowed the minute I enter the room. The exhibition made me learn how to correct my skin imperfections in addition to mastering different beauty tricks.

At the ITCosmetics exhibit, one of the first things I see is a skin care guru flash a smile.The skincare guru told me to try the brand best-selling product. He stood on the side of a cleanser product display. My friend Melanie and I learn what made the ” Confidence in a Cleanser” product stand out towards its competition. The answer is sulfate-free and soap-free which is gentle enough to remove heavy makeup.  It also helps your skin glow with anti-aging collagen.

While I made my way around, two beautiful women dressed as flight attendants handed out pamphlets. The booklets help attendees learn all the benefits of the brand products.   I walk my way to the left of the two women, and as I flip through the pages of the pamphlet, I became more excited.  Feeling lucky to try out products not even released on the website; I made sure to learn about each product in the exhibit. The first lesson was learning about their highlighting/blush palette called, Confidence In Your Glow. You can view the lesson below:


After I had an incredible experience, Melanie and I got complimentary buttery popcorn and creamy milk chocolate. While munching on the treats, the kid inside me screamed for joy when I saw a money machine. Having a flashback of Chuckie Cheese days, I play the money grab game. The prize I won is a free shipping code when I buy any product on the website.

After winning the award, it was Melanie turn for a mini makeover.  The makeup specialist suggested she try the Bye Bye concealer. Just in minutes of him applying the concealer onto my friend under eyes, the dark circles diminished. He also told me something I never knew, such as making sure the concealer is always a bit darker than your skin shade. The darker concealer will make it easy to blend in. I ask him if he can work the same magic on my blemishes. He told me to try, Bye Bye Breakout. He said, “this product works wonders for the oily and acne-prone skin.” Not only can I conceal the annoying blemishes it also has ingredients inside the tiny bottle to help erase them over time.

Learning a new makeup trick made me excited to find out what the benefit of each product for the brand. As my friend and I circle the exhibit learning new makeup tricks and the magical ingredients inside each product the show didn’t cease to amaze me. There was a life-size see-saw mascara and a  slide to match. A ballet dancer also performed, and there were many Instagram-worthy photo booths. My favorite eye-catching activity from the event had to be the life-size makeup brush swing. I firmly believe every makeup or skincare brand should try the chance of having an interactive event to educate consumers what make them different and allow new customers to learn about the brand in parallel to what Itcosmetics did with their brand.

If you will like to find out more about the brand click here.


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