Zaful : The Hunt for The Perfect Blue Bathing Suit 👙

School has started for many kids and for us adults summer Fridays is sadly coming to an end. I’m not ready to kiss these hot days goodbye. To not go into immediate summer withdrawals, I planned a trip to the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. I can already feel the warm beige sand on my feet. However, I ran into a dilemma. My dilemma is my friends and family will like to do a group photo shoot. In honor of Labor Day weekend, and everyone has to wear a blue bathing suit. Luckily for me, Zaful came to my rescue.

Before I found my perfect blue bathing suit,  I struggled. With September right around the corner,  I didn’t have much time left. In the last few weeks I I tried to finish work early, so I can run to retail stores, hopefully finding a blue bathing suit. Each time I went to a store, the inspector gadget theme song repeatedly played in my head. I scour through so many clothing racks, but I didn’t find the perfect blue bathing suit.The majority of the stores don’t have a bathing suit, and if they do not believe in the color I’m looking for or a style that compliments me.

The majority of the stores didn’t have a bathing suit. Even if they did it was not in color I’m looking for or a style that compliments me. The struggle of working crazy hours and not finding anything in the retail stores put me in a bad mood. As I was stress eating a few days ago with pizza. I decided to try my luck online. I searched for hours on end and came across the trendy, affordable brand called Zaful.


As I browse throughout the website, I couldn’t believe the affordable prices. They had a wide range of styles, and  I could see myself wearing almost every one of it. I sighed and said, “Finally I found the store for me.” Other than having a great bathing suit selection.  The apparel and accessories all look like something I would wear.  After my sigh of relief, I came across another dilemma. However, this time the problem wasn’t a bad one. There were so many cute blue bathing suits I did ‘t know which one to pick. So I decided to pick out a few and let you help me. I narrow down my bathing suit options to 6 styles.

  1. Padded Scalloped Bandeau Bikini Set  in Presidential Blue          

Padded Scalloped Bandeau Bikini Set - Deep Blue S

2. Mesh Panel Bandage Bikini in Royal Blue

Mesh Panel Bandage Bikini - Blue S

3. High Cut Velvet Bikini Set in Navy Blue

High Cut Velvet Bikini Set - Blue L

4. Knotted Ruffles Sky Star Print Bikini in  Deep Blue

Knotted Ruffles Sky Star Print Bikini - Deep Blue S

5. Ruffles Off Shoulder Bikini in Sapphire Blue

Ruffles Off Shoulder Bikini Swimwear - Sapphire Blue L

6. Beaded Tassel Crochet Bikini in Ice Blue

Beaded Tassel Crochet Bikini - Ice Blue S


Tell me which one is your favorite I love them all, and it’s so hard for me to pick just one.

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