Activated Charcoal Toothpaste I Tried The Exciting Viral Trend



Activated Charcoal ToothpasteActivated Charcoal Toothpaste I Tried The Viral Trend, And This Is What Happen….When it comes to tooth paste, black became the new white. Over the last few months, I’ve seen the activated charcoal toothpaste on my Facebook timeline regularly. I kept wondering to myself, does this work? Or is it another beauty scam like the magnetic eyelashes that is going viral. I decided to test the activated charcoal toothpaste and see if it’s worth the hype!

I try the toothpaste under the Black Magic brand. The brand claims it better than it’s competitor since they found a way to use it in a tube, rather than the usual powder form other brand use.  I decided to use the tube form. The tube seems less of a hassle compared to the powder form. From online reviews, I read the powder form leave messes everywhere. I want to whiten my teeth, but I refuse to risk my white bathroom throughout the process.

Activated Charcoal ToothpasteI analyze the packaging when I receive Black magic in the mail. The ingredients in the toothpaste are natural and things I can find around my household, which is a bonus for me. Some of the natural ingredients include various organic essential oils. The oils are a non-toxic way to kill bacteria that can lead to plaque build-up and gum disease. Another natural ingredient is something I use for cooking, my skin and hair. It’s coconut oil and its use as an antibacterial and detoxing agent.

Other than the natural ingredients the product claim it will work for a coffee drinker, tea drinkers and if you’re a wine -a-day drinker like me to. Not only does it claim to remove stains for drinkers it can eliminate stains for smokers to. I shook my head and said, “this product seems too good to be true.” Before I tried the product, I was a little hesitant since my fail result when I was a high schooler trying out Colgate at-home whitening stripes.

Activated Charcoal ToothpasteSince my friend Carolina and I had a girls night, I told her we should try to see if the toothpaste works in the morning. Due to binge watching on Netflix and downing a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio, we slept like little angels. After sleeping like little angels, my nerves got the best of me.  I told Carolina to be my test dummy and try it out first. She gave me a death stare and nervously chuckled while she tried it out.

We set the timer for five minutes just to make sure she got enough time to use to product to see if there were a real result after a one-time use. To my surprise, she flashes a mouth full of pearly whites, and I blinked in disbelief.  She told me there nothing to be afraid of, and I should try it out. I gave it ago, and I receive the same outcome. As a person with sensitive teeth and an Invisalign braces wearer, I felt like I just save tons of money off of teeth whitening.

If you want to try it for yourself check out the website. It’s also available on Amazon.

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  1. Lyf&Spice says:

    That is awesome. Glad to read a good review about a product I have been waiting to test myself. The hype around activate charcoal was worth it. To top it up, it removes stains off our teeth? That is incredible. Cheers!!

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