Eye-conic Palette by Marc Jacobs Beauty Will Help Dress Your Eyes

I lived in almost every borough in NYC, but I find myself always moving back to Brooklyn. For the sole purpose is Brooklyn is where I get most of my inspiration from. The Brooklyn art scene is something you can’t ignore; it’s outspoken, abstract, and underrepresented. A close friend of mine, Paloma Zapata has made her mark in the art scene and invited me to an art gallery. Of course, it gave me a reason to glam up. I dress my eyes with Marc Jacobs new eyeshadow palette called eye-conic.

The eye-conic from Marc Jacobs Beauty comes in six different color palettes. Also, every eye-conic palette is inspired by the designer’s runway collection. He carefully selects a layered look he designs while highlighting various textures and fashion finishes. This helps make each palette unique with mixing colors. The six palette names are:

  • Smartorial– Celestial Blues and Grays
  • “Scandaldust”-Warm Browns and Scarlet
  • “Frivoluxe”– Chilled Greige and Violet
  • “Provovcotoure”– Dusty Plums and Magenta
  • Edgitorial– Camo Greens and Reflective Gold
  • “Glambition”– Bare and Bronze

Along with the mix of colors like Marc Jacob clothing line, the palette has different eye shadow finishes. The different finishes include matte, matte with a pearlescent hint, pearlescent and metallic. I use the “Edgitorial” palette. I favor the colors of the “Edgitorial” because it reflects off the necklace I wore for the art event. The necklace mixes silver and gold, and the palette features both hues. The design of the necklace itself is dressy but with an edge. It consists of multiple drop chains hug by seven two-dimensional triangles.


The name of each eye shadow in the “Edgitorial” palette is:

  • Take a memo– neutral tone similar to beige wool
  • Next season– pretty pearl-like shade
  • We’ll See – a warm medium brown
  • Pleather Python -mimics a rusty gold
  • Making a Scene– matte metallic
  • Enviously- army green
  • Everywhere – black with speckles of gold glitter

Before I dress my eyes, I use a primer. The eye primer I use is Marc Jacobs Beauty perfecting coconut. Once my eyes set the first shade I apply is  Take A Memo eye shadow. I dab the shade on the base of my eyelids. Secondly,  I use. We’ll See eye shadow underneath my eyebrow bone. Adding sparkle to my look, I use Next Season eye shadow, near the inner edge of my eyes.

Afterward, I’m going to continue to glam my eyes using the Pleather Python eye shadow. From here on I’m going to use my favorite eyeshadow in the palette called, Making a Scene. Since I don’t  want the gold to pop so much, I’m using it on the outer edge underneath my eye. Also, I  brush the Enviously and Everywhere eye shadows to make a Smokey eye look. In conclusion to my dressy eye look, I added faux lashes and a matte red lip.

Finally, my dressy eye look is complete. What do you think?

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