Urban Decay New Trouble Maker Mascara Is “Sex Proof”

New makeup product alert! Urban Decay has launched their most controversial product yet. They claim their latest mascara called; Troublemaker is “sex proof.” Just before I commit to the full-size product, I tried out a sample size. I want to know what the hype is all about.

To not keep you holding onto to your seat for too long, I did not have sex after trying on the Troublemaker mascara. However, I recently went to the Dominican Republic for vacation. With the island everlasting scorching hot days, I believe it will equal to the same amount of heat as sex. Before I tried on the controversial mascara, I decided to apply a full face of makeup.

I picked out eyeshadows in purple hues to tie back to the mascara full-size tube packaging. After I made my face, I went towards my hotel room balcony. The hotel balcony is a great starting point in trying out the brand new mascara. I grabbed a pocket-size mirror and took a glance of my natural eyelashes before applying the new product.

As I open the Troublemaker mascara, I decided to transform my right eyelashes first. My friend, Carolina who I was vacationing with was standing on the other side of the balcony. She  yelled, ” Oh shit it works.” I shuffled my legs in excited, and I use the mascara brush and lengthen out my left eye lashes. I chose to spend the day wearing my painted lashes in the blazing hot weather. I honestly wanted to see how it would hold up.

After catching a few rays in the balcony, I headed out my hotel room. The resort I was staying at has an all you can eat buffet. Inside the all you can eat buffet is shot because the buffet is in an open area. Like every day before that, I put up my hair before I eat because I always end up sweating. I asked my friend Carolina if my makeup was melting off my face.She told me no signs of black residue from the mascara.

Then I head over to sit on the resort beach lounge chair. I decided to test out the mascara’s willpower again while I  tan for a bit. After about forty minutes the mascara stood tact. The last test I decided to do is the Aerobics/Zumawork. Although my foundation was severely sliding off my face no black residue from the mascara came out. All until I went to the pool. That when my eyelids turned into a raccoon. So if I have to rate the mascara out of five stars, I will rate it a four. Next time Urban Decay make this mascara waterproof!

Check out the video below to see Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara live in action:

The Troublemaker Urban Decay mascara is now in stores, and you can buy it online for $24.00

*Received the sample size complimentary but all opinions are my own.

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  1. clobuono says:

    Have heard good things about this mascara. I know UD’s eye shadows are pretty pigmented. I have a few. I’ll have to try it. But I love Maybelline. They have a new mascara coming out in January with coconut oil in it that is on my to try list! xox C

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