Matte Crayon Fun-Loving Eyeliner by Marc Jacobs Beauty Is Nostalgic

I remember picking up my first crayon. At first, I wanted to eat it until my mother taught me it wasn’t a snack. Once I figured out the purpose of a crayon is to create art. Whether it may be a masterpiece or squiggly lines, the activity of drawing is fun. Marc Jacobs Beauty will make you relive your childhood moment with their new Matte Crayon Gel Eyeliner.

Similar to the Crayola box the Marc Jacobs eyeliner collection come in a variety of colors. As you can see online at Sephora, the collection total up to twelve colors. The lightest color is powder pink, and the darkest hue is dark gray. I currently have so many gray and black eyeliner so I opt out for the dark brown instead.

I tend to only use liquid eyeliners because I have a hard time keeping up with eyeliners I have to sharpen.I also had a problem with this as a child while sharpening my coloring pencils. The fact the product is retractable is refreshing, and I wish I had this as an option while drawing during art class.

For my first time trying the matte crayon eyeliner, I wanted to see the contrast in both colors. I started with the powder pink. It glides on smoothly on my eyelid. The pigment is rich, and I was surprised I didn’t have to reapply Usually it takes me more than one try to make the eyeliner color look visible.I stop applying the powder pink in the middle of my eyelid and continue to create a line with the dark brown. I tried to create a cat-eye but failed miserably because I was rushing to create this look before work.

To help speed things up, I reverted to my black eyeliner to help make my two-tone colored eyeliner seem less messy.Sadly is hard for me to break out my habit of using liquid eyeliners but I do enjoy the rich pigment and the fun pop of colors of the matte crayon eyeliner.The other colors featured in this collection are:

  • Hot Pink
  • Suede Red
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Gray (as mention before)
  • Deep Blue
  • Teal
  • Powder Blue
  • Lilac
  • Dark Purple

Overall if I had to truly rate this collection I will rate it four out of five stars. The quality is excellent, and I will like to buy more colors to create a whimsical look. It will help me recreate the joy I had as a child of making my mini masterpieces. However, I fully can’t give up on liquid eyeliner, and I guess that is the only downfall.

If you want to shop my look the Marc Jacobs eyeliner retail for $25 each.

1.Powder Pink is Pink Of Me 59

2.Dark Brown is (Earth)quake 41

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