WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel Accessory

WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel AccessoryHey, Guys! I finally checked off an opportunity from my bucket list. An opportunity that I’ve wanting to do it since forever! I traveled out the country for the first time, to the beautiful Island of Dominican Republic. In my Caribbean escape, I know the right sunscreen is mandatory, but my overall favorite travel accessory is sunglasses. The WearMe Pro Sunglasses became a must-have during my travel.

What intrigued me about WearMe Pro Sunglasses is a family owned company with an option to get sunnies in the mail. Or buy whichever sunglasses you like. The subscription box is also known as the Shades Box. What makes the Shades Box different from other boxes you can decide how you want these to ship. The company gives you the option to buy them quarterly, twice a year or even once a year. This lit my eyes up because I’ve been a subscription box user.  Although the subscription boxes I use before is makeup and skincare, it disappointed me not to have the option.

On a brighter note, I believe for a pair of three sunglasses of high quality for $29.99 is one hell of a deal. The way the box is setup it goes by your gender, the color of glasses, and voila you will get your custom sunglasses box. The only reason why I haven’t committed I wish it were a bit more personal. For example, If the company create a survey to match the sunglasses to your personality and face shape I will genuinely consider it. Nevertheless, I selected three glasses all different from each other and took them on my Caribbean getaway.

WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel Accessory

The first style I pick is an elegant oversize cat-eye sunglasses.The sunglasses may be oversize but once I put it on my face is super lightweight. The black and gold details make it easy to wear with everything. I also def felt like a superstar wearing them. The bonus for these trendy forward glasses is it protects 100% against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel AccessoryThe second pair is a modern style with mirror lens. I’ve seen these trending everywhere, I usually don’t like fast trends, but the transparent, durable plastic stood out to me. It made me feel as I can wear these shades with any colors, except a more relaxed style like t-shirt and pants (or a bathing suit). It also has the bonus of protecting from harmful rays.

WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel AccessoryLast but not least I decided to not go for an actual pair of sunglasses. I opted for a clear lens to add some variety into the mix. I pick a vintage-inspired dark wood print. To be completely honest I didn’t think much about these frames because I knew I was stepping out of my comfort zone. But I’ve always wanted a pair like these, so I told myself, why not? I do love the look for me. However, I wish the wood printing look more realistic other than the print; I’m happy I went forward with the selection. I ended up wearing multiple times during my stay in the Dominican Republic.

WearMe Pro Sunglasses Is My Favorite Travel AccessoryYou can view more styles here.

How do you guys like my sunnies, also don’t forget to let me know what style is the best for you?

*This post is sponsored by Tomoson but all opinions are my own.

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