Pink Bandanaz NYC “Fuck A Shift” Camouflage Apron Is Uplifting✨

Before I went to visit the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, I attended an art gallery.  At the art gallery, there were many forms of creative expressions. However, I gravitated towards my favorite creative outsource, apparel. One article of clothing, in particular, stood out to me the most. It is the “Fuck a Shift” apron from Pink Bandanaz.✨

Pink Bandanaz, is a brand new clothing brand. Each article of clothing is reworked from the thrift store. Some of their clothes are  similar to my in your face saying, they have a tie-dye tee that reads “Find Your Wings.” They also have a denim vest that reads “Don’t Tell Me to Smile”. Not only does the clothing line have fun expressions to relating backstreet to the consumer but the founder Pharjha Elias also adds her personal touch. Along with being the founder of the brand she is an artist too. He hand-paints her vision onto the clothing repurposing them and giving them a new life.

Pharjha believes with the help of repurposing gently used clothing is not only a way to help the environment by not mass producing their clothes such as fast retailers. Another positive fact about Pink Bandanaz clothing it will feel as is one-of-a-kind. The better news is you don’t have to pay the enormous price tag for a custom order. For example, I paid only $30.00 for my camouflage apron. I believe it was the best buy to wear for my Caribbean getaway.

Fun phrases, cool artwork at affordable prices are just a few of the components that make-up Pink Bandanaz. The line itself is a balance of her self-care line. Her self-care line includes body oils, mists and sage bundles. All of these things she uses in her daily personal life reflect positivity onto the clothing. Her mission is to allow each article of clothing exudes self-confidence. With most of their clothing coming in one size allows the consumer to wear it how she/he wants. Is also a different approach than what the fast retailers do? Not only do they mass produce clothes but in a way, they trick you into thinking you need something to make you feel better.

Not for Pink Banadanaz who target consumers include, people of all genders, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity. By possessing the positive energy in her clothes and promoting the individuality of each design as a boost to self-confidence sums up Pink Banadanasz as a brand, in her own words:

“Together to see that the first step in a revolution is to love yourself. Then you can love others and in that way, this environment we call home can become a better place.  “


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