Bobby Pin Super-Easy Style With HaskHair’s Biotin Boost

In my previous post, you guys saw I had an outstanding opportunity of attending The Knot Bridal Fashion Week for the first time. Before attending the event, I know there will be lots of walking. With the hours of walking around, many suggested dressing comfortably. In honoring Bridal Fashion Week, I  still wanted to wear formally. Going with the formal dress code wanted to try something different with my hair, but nothing to complicated. As I ruffled my hand’s through my tresses a lightbulb went off in my head. Finally, I can try the bobby pin trend I’ve seen in magazines everywhere. I decided to try this hairstyle with HaskHair’s latest beauty product, biotin boost.

I firmly believe HaskHair’s ingredients in their latest collection biotin boost is what I need to achieve my hairstyle. My hair is full of curls however it is thin. I know the coffee ingredient will help boost my strands and the biotin will help my hair appear fuller. I gathered the biotin collection along with a comb,  and last but not least bobby pins and decided to try the bobby pin hairstyle for the first time.

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How To Achieve My Bobby Pin Style:

  1. First I used the Biotin Boost Thickening Shampoo. I was a bit weary, but hair still smells like a tall latte from Starbucks, but to my surprise, the coffee scent was not empowering.
  2. After I put a generous amount onto my damp hair, I massage my head in circles. Then I rinsed off the Biotin Boost Thickening Shampoo and moved onto the next step.
  3. The next step following shampoo is always the conditioner. I use the Biotin Boost Thickening Conditioner. My favorite ingredient in this conditioner is the collagen it helps strengthen my brittle strands; I leave on the conditioner on for about two minutes before rinse thoroughly.
  4. After having a head full of clean hair its time for me to try the bobby pin trend. I comb out my hair why it was still damp. After I combed my hair to get rid of any knots, I made a part on the side.
  5. To make sure my hair looks well moisturize after it’s dry, I use the final item in the biotin boost collection. The last thing is Biotin Boost Thickening Cream. The cream feels super lightweight on which I always find rare in affordable hair products. As suggested on the package,  I apply the cream from the roots to the end.
  6. Once my hair was full of define curls, I place gold bobby pin in the form of  “X.” I repeated this about four times on one side only. I believe if the “X” repeated on the side will be overbearing for a formal outfit.

Taking a look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe I did my hair in under 15 minutes.
I also love how full and bouncy my curls are. I will consider trying another bobby pin look in the next event I will go to or even a slick back look for work.

If you like to purchase the HaskHair’s Bition Boost collection, you can buy it at Ulta Beauty.

*This post is sponsored by Brandbacker, however, all opinions are my own


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