Bohemian Style At The Fun-loving Bushwick Open Studio’s Art Trucks

Do you know what is as good as a taco truck at three o’clock in the morning? An art truck, yes you read it right an art truck. I visited my first art on the road during the last few days of summer. It sure was an experience I will never forget. To make the best of attending Bushwick Open Studio’s Art Trucks, I gather three bohemian style outfits I got from Zaful. Selectively choosing which outfit looks best in front of the various artwork.

The event had many art trucks all with something different inside and out. The first one I took a glance at appearing like a disco party. Another one was selling thrift goods in the back of the truck while curating face painting at the front of the truck.I couldn’t get a good model pose on the inside since it was a likable truck, people were continually going in and out. I did, however, capture the beautiful artwork outside the truck. Admiring the pop of bright colors forming into a giraffe print I went to strike a pose.

For the first display of art, I wore a relax fit brown maxi dress. Along with the fit of the dress and the earth tone warm hue experimenting with fun, patterns are always perfect for a bohemian style. Paisley and tribal prints are usually prominent. However, my all-time favorite print is floral. Another touch to a bohemian style is embellishments. The suede and feather closure help complete the outfit. However, The v-neck is more open than I expected to be so I wore a black bralette.

My ultimate favorite art truck is nostalgic. It reminded me of when I was a little girl in science class looking through to a Kaleidoscope scope. I remember staring into this scope for hours on end, full of amazement by the reflective asymmetrical shapes. It even became a hit at all my friends birthday party having a mini Kaleidoscope scope in our to go party bag.

Bohemian style doesn’t have to be natural colors all the time. Sometimes you can wear a pop of color, just make sure to stay away from anything too bright. Such as neon or hot pink! I love the mix of colors in this loose-fitting bell sleeve floral dress. What won me over is the pockets, because what fashionista doesn’t like pockets. You can’t see in the picture here, but I paired this fun dress with a turquoise, silver bracelet. To get a better look watch the video below:

As I walk around the event the day got darker, and I wanted to take some shots in my final outfit. So I decided a stroll around the Bushwick Art Collective’s mural right around the event. The Thank You Brooklyn spray paint stood out to me.It felt like a perfect way to end the night.

Although this knitted off the shoulder grey dress is on the tight side I try to stay in the boho range with the accessories. Layering is a massive essential in the bohemian style, but I drifted away from the clothing aspect and wore a layered velvet necklace instead. The necklace metal accents paired back to the faux leather double buckle belt.

Which outfit is your favorite?

*This post is sponsored by Zaful but all opinions are my own.

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