Revlon Responsible For Making Your Lips Kissable AF This Winter

December is officially here!  Although, we still haven’t got a glance at snow here in New York City is always good to prepare. Preparing is more than buying thermals shirts, fuzzy socks, and boxes of hot chocolate powder. You also have to make sure to adjust your face to the dry air. Luckily Revlon latest beauty products got you covered for this breezy season.

Revlon two new products will replace your boring chapstick. It will also make you want to wear nude lipstick should be on your Christmas wish list. However, these must-have items are affordable so you can afford it even on a holiday budget. The first beauty product is Revlon’s lip balm exfoliator. The second lip product you need is the Revlon’s kiss plumping lip creme.

I used an exfoliator for my lips ages ago. I almost forgot the positive results I had after using one. Unlike the Mary Kay’s lip exfoliator I tried Revlon’s lip balm exfoliator comes in a chubby pencil form. I prefer the Revlon’s exfoliator versus Mary Kay’s because the Mary Kay’s version is unrealistic. Although it comes in a tube format the product, you have to glide the product onto your lip. Mary Kay’s exfoliator is similar to petroleum jelly making it messy. It also is more visible on your lips leaving it white not like, Revlon’s exfoliator giving your lips with a gentle gloss.

After waiting for about two minutes for the exfoliator to work, I believe the product was not so harsh on my lips.It helps get rid of excess skin on lips. In the result of removing the dull skin, the exfoliator brought my chapped lips back to life. I also couldn’t help rubbing my lips together in awe how smooth it instantly became.

Having smooth lips is excellent, but you want more for your lips than that. To make sure you get a kiss under the mistletoe you have to add some color. I also suggest to stop being dull and pick the typical red for this holiday and pick the shade no one expects you to wear. I’m suggesting nude, yes NUDE! I can finally say there a nude I finally found that didn’t make my lips look like I was sick thanks to Revlon’s kiss plumping lip creme.

It was my first time using a lip creme in general and is similar to a lip gloss just with a tinted creamy texture. I admire the shade on my lips and feel as I can wear it with any color outfit. The only downside I will say is if you rub your lips too much together the lip creme will come off in some spots. So I suggest you carry in your wallet or clutch, make it easy to reapply.

Now that your lips are exfoliated and smooth with a color to help your crush make that first move I say Revlon got you covered this winter!

*This post is sponsored by Crowdtap. However, all opinions are my own.

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