Christmas Outfit From Dress Lilly Wish List Will Put You In the Spirit

Christmas Carols are beaming through retailers speakers. Baked goods are piling on my desk more than ever.I log in to my outlook at work, and  I get a  calendar alert  “Holiday Party”! Oh damn! I thought to myself. Between shopping for gifts and working two jobs, I admit I forgot about the holiday party. With Cyber Monday officially done., I wonder where I can get good deals this time around in the year? Checking along google sites, I stumble upon Dress Lily, and a few minutes later I  started a Christmas outfit wish list.

With the holiday party a few weeks away I’m on a mission to find the perfect outfit.  Other than fast shipping, I need your help A.S.A.P on what Christmas outfit wear. I selected a range of festive tops, bottoms, and dresses. All you have to do is tell me your favorite.

  1. Snowflake Off The Shoulder SweaterSnowflake and Letter Print Christmas Sweatshirt - BLACK XL cozy sweater is always great for this cold season. Usually, when someone hears cozy sweater the first few things that come to mind is oversized and bulky. On the contrary, an excellent off-the-shoulder can bring cute and comfort together. However, the saying on the sweater caught my eye. I’m not 100% percent sure I can wear this to the company party, but I’m sure  I can find a way to get away with the funny saying.

2. Reindeer Sequin Long Sleeve TeeChristmas Reindeer Sequin Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GRAY L

This long sleeve tee is made for any sequin lover. Is comfortable to wear and will look great with a pair of jeans, leather pants or you can go up a size to wear them with leggings.Other than the reindeer designs metallics are always huge for the holidays other than red and green.

3.Belt Print Color Block Leggings

This legging is made for any woman who wants to be the female Santa Claus. I legit wear leggings all the time, so I feel as even If I don’t end up wearing these to the company it will be a great buy. I also admire the bottom half design of the legging. With a tunic, you can turn yourself from female Santa Claus into a modern day fashionista.

4. Criss Cross Christmas Swing Dress

This dress has the perfect A-line. I can eat as much as I want and get away with it. YheCandy canes, Christmas tree cookies, and mistletoe print make this dress sweet for the holidays. I do admire the criss-cross neckline. Adding a bit of naughty to the “nice girl” look.

5. Belt Pattern Turtleneck Sweater Dress

I believe I have a thing for the faux belt buckle print look. This turtleneck dress is just missing the Santa hat, and it will be complete. I admire the ribbed texture, the only problem I know this fabric texture tend to be mix with spandex and often expands. On that note, a reminder to self if I do get it but get a size smaller.

6. Plush Hem Hooded Dress

This hooded dress might be a bit too sexy for a company party, but I believe I could pull it off. Just put a pair of black leggings or stockings underneath, and I think I’ll be safe to wear. I do like how different this design is compared o most Santa female costumes I found. I can also opt this outfit for Halloween and add some emblesshiments to make it look like a boxing outfit

Don’t forget to comment which Christmas outfit  I should wear in the comments below.

*This post is sponsored by Dress Lilly but all opinions are my own.

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