When Facemasks Why It Should Be On Your Wishlist

Christmas is finally here and although were toasting with eggnog and unwrapping gifts, the next day will be back to normal. You know what this means right? Buying all the presents, you didn’t get on this merry holiday. However, before you go rushing to hit the stores, you should consider adding When facemasks on your wishlist.

When facemask is a part of the K-Beauty trend. Before you think I’m talking about Kim Kardashian coming out with a new skincare product, you can diminish that thought. The “K” in  K-beauty stands for Korea. I learn why the market has become more obsessed with beauty products being sourced directly from Korea. The purpose of k-beauty products is the ingredients target for healthier skin, hydration and a lack of pigment. Although I’m not putting my thumbs up for the culture promoting pale looking skin.  However, I know there are ingredients to help benefit from particular skin problems. Repairing a skincare problem such as one of my ongoing battles of blemishes will sound a dream come true.

The concept of creating skin nourishment products to help fulfill confidence with having no makeup days seems excellent. You can find  K-beauty products in one of my favorite stores (I’m sure is one of your favorites too) Sephora. Sephora carries a line of WHEN face sheet masks to help achieve a makeup-free look. As opposed to American culture where most of the products invested are cover up skin problems without actually fixing it.

When I made out, Sephora carries the When facemasks in their stores I want to see if the K-beauty products are worth all the praise. I couldn’t believe the range of facemasks they had. Each face mask is sensitive enough for all skin types including a critical ingredient ginseng. Ginseng is excellent for the skin for various reasons. It’s rich in minerals and antioxidants. Ithelps eliminate dead skin cells to help produce a healthy surface.

Ginseng also acts as a form of a natural toner. It helps form collagen and reduces the appearance of blemishes, acne, eczema and rough skin. Although these skin problems won’t magically approve overnight, the regular intake will help get rid of them. I had five different When facemasks but only tried out one since each one is a target for a different skin needs.

  • Snow Magic- On contrary to its name this masks is targeted during the summer or those who live in a warmer climate. With the help of gingseng and vitamin B3, it helps reduce dark spots. The aloe vera acts as a protective layer of the skin.
  • Glamour Base-This sheet masks double up as a primer for your skin. This is great for prepping your face before applying make up for events or your new selfie.It helps smooth your look without having to use an actual primer which tends to produce breakouts with people who have sensitive skin.
  • 10:00pm-This mask is the exact definition of sleeping beauty. It is known skin restores itself between the hours 10 pm to 2 am. It has Watermelon extract which I never heard before in beauty products.This extract is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, lycopene and amino acids
  • Travelmate-As the given name this mask is great when your traveling on vacation or a work trip.Traveling can have an adverse effect on your skin and with refreshing ingredients such as chamomile flower waster and Swiss alpine herb extracts your skin texture will improve in no time.
  • The Last One- Is the facemask I tried. Is great for the cold season. If you want to see my first impression along with the ingredients involve check out the video below:

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