Healthy Skin & Glam For The New Year With Neutrogena®!

This winter season is crucial on the skin, leaving it looking dry and so last year that why I partner up with Neutrogena to fix it. As you see on social media, we all have this New Year, New Me mantra. My new year goal is making sure my skin looks healthy with and without makeup. Luckily Neutrogena® mix skincare and beauty with their latest Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup collection.

My healthy skin /glam look is inspired by Kerry Washington.

The items I use to get Kerry’s Soft Sultry Look is:

Now the face is set, I brush my unruly eyebrows with the Healthy Volume Mascara. Along with cleaning the hair, I like to darken the brows for a more refined appearance. Afterwards, I use Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear palette in Cool Plum 10. The palette comes in four colors making it excellent for traveling if you ever want to touch up. The range of colors is gunmetal metallic, a warm blush, a tree oak brown, and a vibrant cocoa hue. I use all colors starting from light to dark to create a soft smokey eye. On the other hand, I doubled up the gunmetal metallic by using it as a highlighter for my brow bones, making my eyebrows pop.

 My eye area is now beautified, the next step is focusing on covering my dark spots. My dark spots include blemishes and the bag underneath my eyes. To help with these problem areas, I use the Brightening Eye Perfector and the Hydroboost Hydrating Concealer to help create a filter-like look. Once I concealed I want to do a simple contour. For this reason, I use the healthy skin liquid makeup in shades 80 medium beige, 85 honey and 90 warm beige.  The foundation is beneficial for my skin by having ingredients such as Vitamin E, Natural Soy and Fever Few. Along with the foundation, I use the vibrant cocoa hue because I needed a darker color to help contour my chin area and cheekbones.

Finally, my face is entirely contour, but I still have a few more things to do. I use moisture smooth color stick to add a slight shine to my lips. I double this as a highlighter for my cheek, nose and forehead area. To create Kerry Washington’s rosy cheeks, I use the Healthy Skin Blush in Vibrant 20. Lastly, I use the Healthy Volume Mascara to lengthen my eyelashes and voila I created my healthy/glam Kerry Washington look.

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*This post is sponsored by Brandbacker and Neutrogena but all opinions are my own.

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