Rosegal Valentines Day Gift List 2018

Chocolates and flowers as a gift for Valentines Day are typical.  Turn it up a notch and buy her the gift she wants. I did all the legwork and curated a gift list from online retailer Rosegal. It will help you wow your lover in February. Start off early by picking out what is best for your lover or buy a few gifts.

Rosegal Valentines Day Gift List 2018

1.Rose Printed Scarf

The chiffon scarf makes a great styling option for an all-black attire.Thus the pop of white will give her a polish look.The red roses, unlike the real one, will last a bit longer because after all it is printed on a scarf.

2.Rose LED Night Light With Wooden Photo

The LED lighting makes this romantic night light energy efficient. On the other hand, I’ve honestly never seen lighting in a frame. I believe the touch of the wooden frame makes the gift seem more personal.

3.Red Sleeveless Dress

Every girl found themselves at the scene of a chick flick where the person treats their girl to dinner. But want makes always cry like a little girl is when there candles and a beautiful dress on the bed. Next, to the bed, they’re a note that usually says “put this on, I’m treating you to dinner.” Make your girl day by getting this red dress and act out the scene (don’t forget the candles)

4.Lace Mesh Sheer Plunge BabyDoll

A girl could feel sexy in sweatpants, a messy and a white tee. However, there something about putting on lingerie can make a woman feel even more confident.  Especially if you trying to spice up the love life, this little lacey number will do the trick.

5.Heart Beat Pendant Necklace

Have you seen the heartbeat tattoos going on across social media? The special tattoo where you can use an app, and scan it. Once you scan over the tat, you hear a message. Although, the technology advancement in the love world is higher than before. There is another way to get the message “I love you across” Therefore, the gold pendant necklace can make the perfect gift without the pain of getting a tattoo.

6. Gradient Pumps

Treating her with a pair of new heels is also another great option. Meanwhile, your shopping for the heels, make sure to buy her a pair of shoes in a style that fits her best. However, not all woman jumps for joy wearing how heels. Majority of the woman like the way it looks on their feet and the feeling of sexiness.

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