Jan Marini Perfect Skincare Care Duo : The Zyme Collection

Jan Marini

Hey, it’s your typical New York City living girl. Here I am working multiple jobs,, barely catching “ZzZ’s”, after all, is the city that never sleeps. To add “icing to the cake” I recently realized my lease is up by the next month. Therefore, my skin switch is on to full out stress mode. Before I start screaming and kicking, I told myself to relax, by having an at-home spa day using Jan Marini Zyme Collection.

What makes Jan Marini Zyme Collection so special is their key ingredient, proteolytic enzymes. Your probably wondering, what in the world is proteolytic enzymes? This particular enzyme is made up of papain from the green unripened papaya.

Jan Marini The benefits of having the enzyme made from one of my favorite fruits are proven scientifically to be sensitive enough for the skin and effective use of an at-home exfoliation for that stress-free glow! The way it works is selectively digesting the disgusting dead protein material without hurting our beautiful living healthy cells.

How we can view our dead skin cells is easy. Take a glance at yourself in the mirror. Go a little closer so you can view your face to see if it has any flakes, you can also take your hand to touch it. If your face feels rougher than sandpaper ,  you definitely have some dead skin cells to get rid of.  The Jan Marini perfect duo  Clean Zyme – $30 (Face Cleanser) and Skin Zyme$60 Face Mask is sensitive enough for all skin types.

Jan Marini If you’re still confused on what enzymes are it helps to speed up any harmful chemical reactions. For example, our body produces many different enzymes to assist the progress of our body needs. The same thing for skin, enzymes skincare will help to pass supplements from the blood into the skin.

I use Clean Zyme on a daily basis whereas I use Skin Zyme once or twice on a weekly basis. You should use less if you see a strong irritation on your skin. First I use Clean Zyme should be and I leave it on for about one to two minutes.Then I remove the use of the cleanser with a clean, slightly wet washcloth (squeeze out any excess water before using). Then I use an unwet washcloth to pat myself dry.

Afterwards, I apply a small amount of  Skin Zyme over my entire face. I also use it on my neck because I do have a line of hasty dark blemishes I will love to see gone. After I apply the Skin Zyme to my face I wait about twenty minutes before I take it off. In the meantime, I usually eat a quick snack, catch u on some light reading or go online shopping. Ok enough about me let’s get back to the skincare tips.

Jan Marini When they twenty minutes are over I use the Clean Zyme again but only a small amount and I massage my face gently.After I stop being a masseuse I splash my face for up to ten minutes with warm water and dry off with n unwet washcloth.

The reason why I trust the Jan Marini products with my skin is their success. The company has a numerous amount of technological firsts, they have been awarded various patents and has published multiple independent peer-reviewed studies on it’s products.

Jan Marini

If you want to try out The Zyme collection for yourself you can purchase the set here.

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