The Stress-Free Way To Create A Lip Ombre Look With Bite Beauty

You can see the ombre trend, EVERYWHERE these days! From hair styles, nail art, apparel and in bedding. Is actually hard to not bypass the ombre trend. If you want to get technical, an ombre is simply two contrasting colors that evolve dark to light or light to dark.

Usually, an ombre lip is used to create the appearance of fuller lips without the cost of surgery.If you naturally have full lips like “moi”, don’t panic! You can still rock this look. The main beauty product to create the lip ombre is a lip pencil. Once you discover which lip pencil to use the next step is to figure out what lipstick color compliments the lip pencil. You can use a hue that will match your outfit or a neutral tone that will match anything you wear.

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Holiday Nails:Your Indulgence Within Reason

And the WINNER is you…


You know  the feeling when you’re looking through your emails and everything is

  • Are Your Holiday Cards in the Mail Yet? Get 60% Off!
  • Early Birds Save 50% On All Ornaments & Mugs + 20% Off Everything Else
  • You didn’t start on your holiday gift list here the chance

Of course, after a while, you keep clicking on the trash icon to delete the tedious emails.Unless you receive an email stating YOU WON. Your eyelids get wider and crossing your fingers hoping is this email is not a scam.That what happened to me last week when I won a four piece gift set and the offer was free.(minus the 3 dollars shipping but admit that is way cheaper than our relatives gift wish list.)

When I received my Julep box, I was excited to learn what made this brand so different.

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